Premiere: Christof
“You Left It Too Long”


This weekend was one full of contrasts. We don’t think we’ve dealt with and/or put ourselves through so many disputes by way of what we now perceive to be an unfortunate series of misunderstandings in such a compressed space of time. We certainly enjoyed the sunshine and the company of all of those that we encountered throughout the weekend – we found ourselves well-rested, despite waking up earlier than we would have liked and only managing to drift off way later than we really needed to – yet there was a lingering sense of restlessness which admittedly we’re still encumbered with right this minute owing the to aforementioned bickering on several fronts; like the restless dead with unfinished business (we listen to a lot of Alkaline Trio and Brand New when we are generally feeling sorry for ourselves, so that was our attempt to get all macabre-metaphorical on your asses just then). But we’ll be ok. Sorry for going all self-depricating on you last Friday. We think it’s just fatigue coupled with us having to face up to what we perceive to be our own limitations and/or walking contradictions as a human being that doesn’t really want to admit fallibility or liability ever. That old chestnut. Anyway, we wanna get lifted. The sun is shining too brightly for us not to be part of the spontaneous summer that London is enjoying, which we firmly believe was triggered by the delightful results of the recent election. So here’s this guy Christof, and new Track Of The Day You Left It Too Long that we’re real pleased to premiere for you today. Christof recently introduced himself to us as a mate of John Joseph Brill‘s. Now, we have learned over the last two years that our guy Brill has an awful lot of friends. In fact it might be easier to ascertain someone’s musical context by referencing who the guy isn’t friends with, such is the extent to which he is able to befriend pretty much anyone. But that’s cool, either way – the music that Christof brings forth isn’t a million miles removed from Brill’s, but at the same time it is entirely different. The Chong to his Cheech. The Luigi to his Mario. Legolas/Aragorn. Riker/Picard. You know, that kind of shit. By way of specific background, Christof has been meddling in the world of popular music more or less for as long as we have been blogging about our own meddlings. Many EPs have been released, and You Left It Too Long is itself lifted from the lastest effort in that format called Montreal. There has been much touring – and we’re reading names like Bear’s Den, The Staves, The Boxer Rebellion and Story Books being mentioned in the contexts of live and the recording of the track in question. We also find our carefully-planned live date of this very premiere somewhat undercut by Communion’s Maz on his Radio X show last night, who indeed gave You Left It Too Long its first blast into our world. From where we’re listening, and from what you’re reading, musically there is clearly a lot going on here. We’ll chuck names like Band Of Horses, The War On Drugs, Dan Croll and Bon Iver into the mix by way of our own personal take on where we think music of this kind might live in relative peace. Let’s all club together and go see him do this all live and in the flesh on 25th May at The Victoria, ahead of his new EP release on the 27th of the same month.

Christof – You Left It Too Long


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