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“Side Decide”

Promise Keeper

The stress spots returneth. Haven’t seen those little shits since last year when our mindset literally became written all over our usually-jaundiced face. They’re only little this time but pretty much indicative of where things are at right now. Don’t get us wrong; shit is still cool. It is just a lot, y’know? To be completely honest with you all – and we’re really trying to stick to that particular New Year’s resolution, much against what we would deem our  vicarious indoctrination from the ostensible music industry to do the precise opposite should matters of perception deem the election to do just that appropriate (a friend once told us this is more “massaging the truth”, rather than lying through our fucking teeth) – Killing Moon sometimes feels like a prison. Another way to look at this is placing it in the context of “our world”, which portrays mental imagery of friends, family, party times and absolutely no fucking worries in the world. And most of the time, that’s precisely what it is – our own little planet surrounded by all the things that we love the most that we believe love us right back. But right now it is a prison; and being in a prison of one’s own design is pretty gutting to say the least. The reason we haven’t written to you that much over the last week is that we’ve barely had any time to ourselves in any event; we’re real sorry for that. We’re working on it. Things will improve and plans are afoot so we can spend as much time frigging around with you lot as possible on here. To help lift us up and in the vein of that apt-artist-name-for-our-situation that we are ever so fond of, here’s London future garage type person Promise Keeper. Genres are a fickle friend indeed, aren’t they? Always coming, going, coming and going again, mutating, permeating and shape-shifting to fit any sort of description you’d like it to. Did you know there are over 900 recognised genres that subsist over the general dance music remit? Apparently its all to do with BPM’s or so Draper frequently tells us. But then the fuckers change the names when things like dubstep suddenly go out of fashion. So why are we terming the debut effort from Promise Keeper “future garage”? Possibly because it makes it alright for over-opinionated indie bastards like us to discuss a type of dance music that we clearly know very little about; or maybe its because recent premiere people Noisey and or Radio 1 have described it as such. It does remind us a little bit of the UK garage dominance of the charts in the mid-to-late 90’s (not to mention school in general). Maybe Architects (not the metal band. Entirely different ones) and their feel-good hit of that summer called Body Groove (which is what you’ve got to do, according to them), but that’s honestly the furthest we’ll go in our attempt at describing just what the hell this us lest we embarrass ourselves on this write up more than we already have. Let’s just keep it simple then – its summery, and it makes us happy. Have a good weekend you bloody guys.

Promise Keeper – Side Decide

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