Premiere: Cassicus
“Baby’s Coming Back”


Sorry, Americans. We forgot to mention once more that a sizable cross-section of the country got a day off on Monday, which coincidentally coincides with a day that our financial institutions can’t be arsed to do anything. We’re not sure why, but once again we find ourselves expressing gratitude to whichever person decides when these sorts of arbitrary national holidays take place, because the other thing this typically coincides with is us being on the verge of losing our fucking minds. Speaking of losing things, here’s a pro-tip: do not leave your personal belongings in the green room of Koko on a Friday night (especially when bare people who you don’t know very well/at all are hovering about for a prolonged period of time), because that’s how your personal belongings get fucking nicked as was the case with us last week. Perhaps it’s not such a cool move to keep our passport with us at all times and thereby increasing the likelihood of the aforementioned fucking-nicking of said-passport. But then again, that makes about as much sense as blaming the sexual assault of individuals based on what they happened to be wearing at the time (although we appreciate that the two hypothetical events are not even nearly on the same scale in terms of severity). On the plus side, we have a shiny new iPad (cheers insurance – we get to play Grim Fandango now which apparently our iPad 2 was too bloody old to handle), and we are blasting out Green Day on some new headphones. The sun is shining. Life goes on, etc. Further needful instantly-gratifying pleasure is derived from the crooning sonic delights of new London heart-throbberer Cassicus and current Track Of The Day Baby’s Coming Back for which we have the pleasure of premiering for you lot today. We’ve not had a shit-ton of background information on this guy, other than that his real name is Ben and that he has an EP out now that features this track amongst at least two others. Way to go, Ben. Musically speaking, this has unadulterated pop written all over it, with hopefully the sprog of indie credibility that is so often to “get this over the line”, to use the music marketing vernacular. With that in mind, we will cite that this exists somewhere between back-in-the-day crooner Rick Astley combined with the more recent pop stylings of Francis & The Lights. We also cannot escape the mental imagery of John Joseph Brill serenading us personally whilst sensually submerged up to the tee-tays in a sudsey bubbly-bath, although to be fair that is a regular rider on our train of thought anyway.

Cassicus – Baby’s Coming Back

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