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The Nether Room
“Wake Up Now”

The Nether Room

Periodically throughout our “adult” life (we’re generously applying the inverted commas there given that this is indeed a relative term considering our mental maturity), some amazing things have happened to us. Not that, you filthy-minded shits. As in, y’know, other things that we regularly daydream about what it might be like should those things ever come to pass. Interning at a record label for the first time was certainly one of them. Working for a major label, somewhat naively based on where we’re sitting at this precise moment, was probably the biggest deal to us at the time. Turning our hobby (hint: you’re reading it right now) into our full-time occupation and indeed livelihood was and in fact currently is the lifelong dream come true for us. However, in each instance and at least in equal proportions, we have had a similar amount of stuff directly correlated to the aforementioned blow up in our individual and collective faces along the proverbial way. See, when you turn into an old(er) fucker like us, you have the benefit of this thing called retrospect. You’ve played with fire plenty, and now you have the burn-scars to show for it as well as some pretty cool stories. So with this latest episode coming about in our brief life’s great tapestry looming, we’re getting all the same feelings as we did in the previous occasions. You know, that heart-in-mouth realisation that the daydreams may well become reality. Except this time – truly – we’re not sure if its worth the inevitable risks involved. Expect us to get progressively more emo about this sentiment over the coming weeks. Perfect soundtracking by way of Track Of The Day action is provided from London’s The Nether Room, who have amassed a whopping 2 likes on Facebook to portray how fucking new they are. Citing nerd pop as their chosen genre – to which we’re inclined to agree, given how this nerd is reacting to their fashion of pop music – there is literally fuck-all beyond what we have already said to say about this guy. These guys. Those girls. Whatever they are, they’re making the sort of music that makes you think about life and shit (the two usually go hand-in-hand). The production is scuzzy as hell and for that reason we reckon it sounds like something between TV On The Radio, The Vaccines and The Dillinger 4. If you don’t know who that last one is, look them the fuck up.

The Nether Room – Wake Up Now

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