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Premiere: Fang Night

Fang Night

What a delicious 24 hours we’ve experienced. We mean that in both metaphorical and literal contexts; with regards to the former, a plethora of run-arounds involving a telling-set of social media posts designed to make you lot all anticipatory and what-not (although we will say we find it hilarious the vast range of subject matter that various people have filled certain blanks with, that we have deliberately left blank, in order to see what people will fill them with funnily enough); and in respect of the latter, in tandem with the aforementioned running-around we managed to sample many culinary delights that London had to offer, including but not limited to Tortilla’s, KFC, Costa Coffee and some beefy steaks we bought from the halal butchers down the road for a fiver. Happy days indeed. As such, our scanning for new/good shit had taken it’s weekly dip, but fear not – previous Track Of The Day people Fang Night are her to save our collective ass via this-here premiere of, indeed, their previous Track Of The Day Artificial. Although we’re premiering the video this time. Please don’t tell any music PRs that we’re effectively doing a write up on something we have already written up, lest this gives them some leverage over our otherwise unshakeable stance on such repetitiousness. Then again, it’s our blog and you’re just reading it, so there you go. Instead of simply repeating the musical citations previously chucked into the mix, we’ll actually offer up some (hopefully) useful information such as the recent big ups this sightly duo have been receiving throughout April from BBC Introducing, as well as stepping their game up in the live context via support slots with indie-pop darlings such as Allie X. Who admittedly, we haven’t listened to ourselves. Still, its all pretty cool overall, we’re sure you’ll agree.


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