“First Step”


Does anyone still read this thing? We mean, of course you fucking do, but we’ve been relatively off it since last week, which in online world is equivalent to a lifetime in the normal world. Then again, given the mental state we’re in right now, we’re not entirely sure of what normal is any more. Since disembarking at Heathrow following a 36 hour round trip – not literally around the world, but due to an unfortunate set of “just get the hell out of our country” style return flight bookings made by those who organise such things, we had to stay awake for a very, very, very long time to get home. And fucking hell, are we ever irritable when we’re deprived of sleep for that amount of time. Real snappy. We’ll bite your fucking head off for even looking at us when we don’t want to be looked at. Precious indeed, but justifiably so. We had a good time, but of course what goes up must, ultimately, go down. And down. And dowwwwwwwwwn. Our memory is truly screwed, as we are forgetting dates, important things on our to-do list, and (unfortunately for us) today we forgot our wallet. Unfortunately for some people today, however, we have not forgotten that certain people haven’t paid their invoices. We are onto you. Anyway, saving us an awful lot of hassle in terms of finding a band worth blathering about (thanks very much for the timely recommend, Danny Kier) are Russia’s ON-THE-GO – suitable nomenclature given how slammed we are for time right now vs. the five hundred billion messages we’re currently drowning in (mega props to Label Manager Tom Baxter for holding down the fort like a total pro whilst we were away). We listened to them the other night, and given how saturated we are with new music having been subjected to stuff we ain’t heard of before for the best part of last week, we were surprised at our own positive reaction. Not a slight on them, nor anyone else. It’s just that when we binge on things, we begin to hate those things for a bit, and this is just as applicable to music as it is…people in general. So well done to ON-THE-GO for surpassing our own arsey nature. These guys are apparently doing great things in their native landmass, and now they’re over on these shores to show us all what a bloody big deal they indeed are – in fact, we may well find ourselves toddling down t’road to Proud Galleries tomorrow night to witness said-big dealing for our very selves. Music-wise (and we had to listen to this on the earphones today, seeing as this bit of sunshine justifiably means all the windows in the office are now open, with the sorry side effect that anything played on speakers has to include sporadic street-samples of the Camden Town traffic horns, as well as crazy people just shouting at things), we can certainly see the appeal for many-a-new-pop-music-fan – that is to say we’re feeling Yeasayer with George Michael vocallising the fucking shit out of it. In the best possible way. We also played this to Iida the other night who said it sounds like one of the Disclosure songs on their latest album. It is a good thing she is there to tell us these things because we haven’t listened to it ourselves. But don’t tell anyone. We’ve a reputation to keep.

ON-THE-GO – First Step

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