“Remember To Lose”


We dunno whether we should worship the ground that the guy who timed the Bank Holiday weekend for this one just passed walks on, or whether we should punch him in his goddamn bitch-mouth. Our latest conundrum by way of expressive monologue is derived as follows; on Thursday, we actually began sobbing at our desk for many reasons yet none at precisely the same time. So we guess we should be grateful that someone decided that was the precise moment to enforce a long-ass weekend on us all (and by that we obviously mean everyone in the entire world that doesn’t live in the UK) to effectively force us to just fucking stop everything. At the same time, the return to work for what felt a lot longer than a weekend-plus-two-bonus-days was very much hard-felt, and therefore at this precise moment in time we don’t feel shitloads removed from the position we were in on Thursday – both literally and metaphorically we guess. In the last two days we’ve had venues having a go at us for having a go at them for not doing things they said they were going to do; and by the same token, we’ve effectively had a fucking mutiny in regards to one of the campaigns we’re currently running. Guess we need some more days off. Someone tell that guy please. In the meantime, let us bask in the resurgence of the 90’s dance genres that effectively means our nieces that we got to spend a day with on Monday will be growing up with precisely the same music that we kinda did (give or take a decade) through the vicarious efforts of slick two-piece MAIZE. We were supposed to write this up last week, and indeed yesterday given that we bunked off for four days prior, but we reckon Soundcloud just hates us. And who can blame Soundcloud. It isn’t as if we haven’t subjected it to the vast plethora of swearwords we’ve enjoyed uttering as of late. Anyway, we’re here now and we’re glad Soundcloud and we are getting on now, because it means we actually get to listen to the single we’re trying to ramble on about. So. MAIZE. Two grown men with a lot of sass, a penchant for huffin’ and puffin’ with shades on, and, as previously mentioned, purveyors of piano-led bouncy 90’s pop that conjures up a formative age for this particular writer. And indeed simpler times generally speaking. For referencing, we’ll throw out Massive Attack, Portishead and perhaps Chromeo for contemporary aesthetic props. It is all pretty great; and from what we understand, a lot more from these two is set to follow.

MAIZE – Remember To Lose

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