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Fang Night

You’ll be doubtless pleased to know that we’re no longer a prisoner of our own miserable body. Which is nice. No, really, it’s like being able to breathe through your own nose again after a period of nasal prohibition – in this case, in fact, quite literally so. And not a moment too soon, given today has largely consisted of us raising about a billion invoices in response to the equal amount of Purchase Orders (these are very much the only useful thing we learned in the modern business context back in the day when we interned at Full Time Hobby, although we also excelled at other ad hoc tasks like wrapping Christmas presents and driving merch vans around), and dealing with an ever-growing pile of contracts of various descriptions and purposes. It’s all very fucking grown up, we tell thee. We are also growing ever more anxious that the Finn is due to bugger off (to Finland, of all places) over the Bank Holiday, effectively leaving us defenseless and more importantly without any real idea of what to do with ourselves whatsoever in this so-called free time that the long weekend usually entails. But we can’t worry about all that shit right now. Because Rob Turnham, in all his indie label glory, has stomped into our inbox giving it all the big-man and more specifically laying the proverbial smack-down upon us all with his new gal-and-a-guy Fang Night. Those will be the words you’re trying to extract from the somewhat abstract logo depicted above. S’good innit? The logo, we mean. Fucks with your head a wee bit. Not the music though. No sir. The music lifts you up much like the zephyr-populated sunshiney air outside of our office, and takes our thoughts away from the sad events in Brussels this morning and more towards more summery pursuits. That’s how we’d describe the music, at least. The vocal otherwise is the main draw here, or rather how our duo operate almost entirely in tandem throughout – think In The Valley Below, but with Florence Welch on one side, and the guys from The XX on the other. You know the one. Not the famous DJ’ing one. The one who bangs on about being by the sea. In each other’s company. By the sea. You know the one. That one. Anyway, if you’re about tonight, this lot play The Waiting Room. Rob tells us Ally McCrae is going. So that means you should probably all go.

Fang Night – Artificial

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