We have reached the end of our inbox, give or take the five emails likely deemed received in the few seconds it has taken us to write this sentence. Throw us our props, because this happens about as often as our wonderful government honours it’s manifesto. Throw us additional props for having only had one coffee this morning and still having the will to carry on. Although our thoughts have drifted to Starbucks in the last 10 minutes. This whole getting-up-relatively-early and getting-to-bed-just-before-midnight shit works a treat, but leaves little margin for error and a rather sizable gap with the sign “insert caffeine here” in fiery red lettering. Then again, today is Global Piss Up day – unless of course you’re actually well into this legend who herded snakes about for a bit, in which case we apologise for insinuating otherwise. The point is, and we may as well not dick around on this bit – we’re going to have some drinks tonight. Full pints. There will be bitching, moaning, slapping, teasing, singing-off-key; you know the drill. Chances are we’ll be doing this with you, if you’re not on the other side of the planet that is. Anyway, most if not all of this has absolute fuck-all to do with current Track Of The Day guy ISLE. Look at his logo. Just says “ISLE”, innit. No mistaking that. It is also suggestive of wanting to draw attention to a word and/or symbol, as opposed to a face. We wonder why that could possibly be. We mean, we know why, but that’s not important. The point is to get you all fired up and guessing and whatnot. It’s a cool move. We guess we can say with some degree of surety that we won’t get in the music industry shit that ISLE is Scottish, and is a man. But just concentrate on the music like you’re supposed to, would you? Cheers. Some pointers for reference in the sonic sense – its a bit Prides; a bit The Naked & Famous; and more than a bit of Passion Pit. Have a fiddle with it.

ISLE – Surrender

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