“My Only Friend”


Well, the Space Lords have resumed normal service in their manipulation of the passage of time. Whereas yesterday seemed to disappear like a fart in the wind, today has plodded along like no one really has anything that important to do anymore. Except we do. Lots of people do. There is no logical explanation for this other than our weird perception of things. Anyway, how are you? Off to SXSW? Nope? Aw, didn’t make the Music Week 30 Under 30 list (again) this year either? That’s a shame. You’ll be in it next year. Unless you will be over 30. And unless you’re….the future of the music biz. Then you’re fucked, innit. But hey, who gives a shit about anything when you’ve got people like Sserpress (there is a phonetic relevance in there and our miniscule dig at certain publications above, at least in our mind) knocking on your inbox? Firstly, let’s give them props for making a lovely albeit entirely made-up palindrome. Secondly, let’s give them further props for being from London and absolutely sounding like it. Thirdly, according to this press release, they are big fans of Pig Destroyer and we don’t think we’ve seen that band mentioned in a press release before – at least not one addressed to us – and that in our mind deserves further props. On the more contemporary – or, let’s face it, remotely acceptable to pop culture – side of things, these dudes have been seen pottering about with the likes of PINS and Peace and any number of more socially-fitting artists to the millenials of today that just happen to begin with the letter P. Music-wise, and with all due respect to the weird-framey video below for current Track Of The Day My Only Friend, Sserpress sound nothing like the bands we’ve just mentioned. Rather, they sound like Nirvana. The origins of Nirvana. Pre-Bleach Nirvana. When the melodies and the demo-nature of the tracks that either would or would not make it onto the ultimate album tracklisting were so jilted from where you would assume that they would go that they make complete sense in a rather unexpected way. It is like Alice In Chains with way less yeeeeaaayuh-ing going on. The rawness of Single Mothers. The audacity of Japanese Voyeurs. So, it’s pretty great really. Just not in the way you were expecting.


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