“Gon N Dun”


It is a positively metal kinda day. That is to say that Ella Macaulay – boss-lady of us all and super-helpful answer of doorbell to visitors of our collective office space (because she sits right next to the buzzer innit), and only scowling us once a month or so for not getting off our bony ass to answer the doorbell ourselves (we’re only human Ella) – has been churning out some seriously drop-D’d power chords from the BSI Merch area of proverbial shop floor. She even played a bit of pop-punk earlier. Rufio, innit. We remember them from the Warped Tour 2003 DVD that we used to watch continuously in our student halls of residence about a billion years ago, with the door open, in the hope that the sounds of American indie bands would entice other would-be pop-punk enthusiasts toward us who would obviously be blown away by our knowledge and assets relating to the subject matter. Basically, we would do just about anything to make friends back in the day – in fact, from a very young age to only a couple of years ago. It seemed just so damned important for no reason in particular; especially in this line of work where keeping up appearances to the music community at large seems way more important than, well, doing any work. Perhaps this only served to enhance what was clearly an insecurity that we carried around for quite some time and therefore began to perceive as the relative norm. Maybe we can all learn a bit more from current Track Of The Day’ers FLESH, who quite frankly don’t seem to really care and/or give a fuck about anything at all – indeed reminiscent of the relative apathy-turned-nihilism that might have led to their native Manchester’s musical skyrocket to prominence back in the 80’s and late 90’s. That is not to say that Manchester ain’t shit in this day and age. We’ve been there. It’s fucking great. What’s also fucking great is the way that FLESH choose to communicate with their chosen audience – ourselves having received the same email in a day detailing how the band have indeed revealed a video for Gon N Dun (which we assume is their-speak for going and doing something in the past tense) just yesterday with some equally-colourful language about how blogs like us keep them real (if brown guys could blush, we’d be ruby red right now), and that the track has indeed been released on their own Snotpop label, which also happens to be their genre of choice. It all just comes together really nicely. Sonically and in the context of Gon N Dun – we have in fact come across the band in their more formative stages mid-way through last year, to salvage ourselves some indie know-it-all street points there – this reminds us heavily of a band called The Music, and also a riff from a certain Led Zeppelin song that we can’t remember (because we’re not really big Led Zeppelin fans, truth be told. Sorry, Led Zeppelin fans. We are not worthy/terribly bothered about it all) right this minute. FLESH are not afraid of going heavy either, and that’s not just because we’ve been listening to metal all day long; it is mainly because we can hear undercurrents of Jane’s Addiction and Filter (whey) in the fabric of what is to us one of the most ambitious indie-rock tracks we’ve heard this year so far.


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