“Nothing Has Changed”


Apologies for not getting on this thing yesterday. It is pretty mad busy up in here kids; although that is fairly routine for us. So what’s the problem? Basically we’re a bit bummed out that our sibling doesn’t occupy the same country as us any more. In other words: we are bare emo right this minute. In times of being bare emo, and somewhat typically if male self-help manuals online are to be believed, we have developed this weird habit of plunging ourselves even deeper in the the ever-growing pool of work. We suppose that’s because in times of realisation that we do not control everything, particularly the most important things to us, we need to counter-balance this with regularised areas of our life which we firmly can control. Release schedules and live plots are a piece of fucking piss compared to what would be required to keep our sibling where we would rather selfishly like him to be. We are real happy for him; in a way, we suppose. It’s an interesting sensation – being truly happy seeing someone get the life they’ve wanted for so long actually given to them finally, versus being quite soppy that, y’know, that requires that person to bugger off. We’re still to get used to the silence in the air of our flat that was previously occupied by myriad noises of laughter, crap jokes, and arguments about nothing in particular; and in the last 48 hours sometimes the silence can be deafening to us. We suppose it was a little bit like listening to ourselves – much as we read to ourselves on here – and perhaps we grew a little bit too used to it. The more things change, the more they stay the same, as Snake Pliskin in Escape From LA once uttered to the President of the United States of America just before he shut the world down. We suppose that’s a solid reason – other than filling the over-romanticised silence we were discussing above – to finally get round to writing about this Brighton chappy called Jolé that Tamsyn Wilce has been on our case about for a few weeks now but we keep conveniently forgetting to write this shit up. Timing is everything in this game, we guess. We’re on the fence about the name. The pronunciation we mean; the word itself is solid, we just dunno how it say it. Torn between the phonetics of “jolly”, “Jo-lee”, “Jo-lay” or, if we’re getting real ethnic about it, “ho-lee” and “ho-lay” are also to be considered. We’ll leave that blank deliberately blank, for now. Anyway, current Track Of The Day Nothing Has Changed, in all its apt-name-for-our-situation glory, is quite simply wonderful and is one of the formative tracks to be taken from Jolé‘s soon-to-be-debut EP. Nice. In this press release we are seeing references to Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Sufjan Stevens and we have to say on song aesthetic alone that’s not a million miles removed from the ideas that pop into our own messy head when we listen back to Nothing Has Changed for the fifth or sixth time. We’ll also throw Death Cab For Cutie, Elliot Smith and Tunng in there too. Because we’re in control and we just bloody can. Get into this; dude is cool.


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