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Fever Feel
“Two Sides To Every Coin”

Fever Feel

Miscommunications. That something most if not all people reading this can relate to, we suppose having heard the term once or twice in their respective line of works. We’ve had a week simply brim-full of these sodding miscommunications. We’ve come to understand this word to mean, basically, any fuck up that directly stems from someone asking to do something; that someone in turn agrees to do that then; the passage of time and space happens subject to the current laws of physics; and then, guess what? Either the complete opposite of what was discussed happens, or – even better – sweet fuck all happens instead. Miscommunications. Completely devoid of any sort of blame or explanation as to how things end up this way, and as dismissive of rectifying the situation as one shrugging one’s shoulders when they see a car crash in progress. Anyway, how has your week been? Good? Fucked anyone off or been fucked off by someone? Nah? Good for you, you’re doing better than us. Our situation has greatly improved, however, on receipt of an email from one Ben Soep this afternoon who has returned from his now bi-annual band shopping trip to Canada (Calgary this time yo). One such band he has come across are today’s Track Of The Day’ers Fever Feel. There are three of them. They all have extraordinarily great hear. They seem pretty into the whole noir-style approach to promo photography in backdrops inclusive of both open fields with fences in them and the contrasting we-tour-pretty-much-all-the-time motel scene as depicted above. We’ll admit it – these guys, clearly without knowing a lot about them other than they are a band from Canada (part of that sentence is literally the subject header of the email Ben sent to us), are very fucking cool indeed. The music logically follows this in terms of cool and aesthetic. Tame Impala. San Cisco. Jack + Eliza. In The Valley Below. All that lot. They’re all in there. Have a fucking stress-free weekend and appreciate people.

Fever Feel – Two Sides To Every Coin

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