We find ourselves alone in the office today. Well, not literally, but the nearest people sitting in proximity to us are a minimum of one desk away. Guess you just can’t get the help these days, y’know? All these new young whippersnappers, who have to commute into London given that they actually like having some disposable income these days and don’t have a real desire to spunk their entire monthly paycheck on living in a box (albeit basking the bright lights of the Big City), end up deciding what days they wanna come into the office more often than not. Maybe we’ll start doing that too. Anyway, it’s not all bad. We were only just the other day and several weeks before that whining about how we sometimes just wanna be left the eff alone so as to get on with our shit, instead of having to drop said-shit every five seconds to attend to those who arbitrarily side-step the time-honoured rule of when-we-have-our-headphones-in-that-means-we’re-concentrating. Be careful what you wish for we guess. Speaking of staff, or lack thereof, a former flagbearer for yours truly, former Label Assistant Ross Harris decided to grace our inbox in the wee hours of yesterday evening peddling his wares. And his ware this time around just happens to be new Track Of The Day guy Seckar, with recent effort Sail. A truly uplifting discovery indeed. Ross has been rolling with his BIMM colleague, pka Seckar, for a little bit and by the sounds of it the faculty are exercising their right to preach what, we imagine, they ostensibly teach. Seckar by way of more immediate industry props and/or plaudits has been seen in an mixy/engineery/remixy capacity dabbling with the likes of Nao and Wild Palms. Which is nice. It certainly gives more credence to his sans-vocalled electronic post-pop (what. does. that. even. mean) that his solo project seems to favour. We mentioned the word uplifting above; and by that, we mean here you get the most riveting moments that would-be contemporaries like Boards Of Canada, Beach House and/or Crystal Castles would periodically get strung up for, all wrapped in a matter of minutes. Fiver says someone reading this will get a feature and/or remix idea into their head. If you happen to find yourself free this evening, you could do worse than checking this guy out at The Finsbury where you can catch these sounds with a performance that includes live drums and shit like that.

Seckar – Sail

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