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D’you like how we’re averaging one interview per week these days? Did you even notice? Did you even care? We suppose not. Its a bit like the sorts of people – which, we have come to understand, is most if not all people we know who could be generally regarded as “normal” (meaning is TBC) – who have haircuts on the reg and expect the world to notice when the length is two or three fractions of a millimeter shorter (or longer, as the case may be these days with all the wonderful advances in hair cutting/uncutting technology that the adverts tell you about. Science, they call it) than before. And then throw a fucking wobbly when you don’t notice. Our ultimate defence in such situations is that we like to concentrate on the content of the character of those individuals and what they have to say, rather than what they look like. Which in turn makes us look incredibly endearing, if not supremely smart-arsed, and the other person look like a superficial plank-child with a silly haircut. Hair, specifically that of one guitarist Andrew Murray is, in fact, what originally led to us having a pre-existing relationship with the Lovespeake camp, indeed prior to our premiering of recent-ish Track Of The Day and indeed their debut recorded output to the world by the name of DNA. That is to say – and we don’t think the guys will mind us saying this, mainly as its already rather-well documented via their own social media – we used to rep a band called Eye Emma Jedi via our wonderful record label; two members of whom form the personnel compliment of our protagonists here Lovespeake. This, ladies and gents, is good news, for it means that the music is boom and we are not the only people who seem to think so. With the imminent annual By:Larm festival coming up, in all its new-band-showcasey glory, the Lovespeake massive are featured prominently and rapturously as a One To Watch, in tandem with DNA going on to receive some serious playlisty action from Spotify to allude to precisely how much y’all be lovin’ this shit right here. Now in the wake of releasing follow-up single Tightrope ahead of their debut album release on 22nd April, we thought it was time to lock it all down and bring them in for a unique string of great questions and hopefully greater answers. Party on.

Lovespeake – Tightrope

Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

Lovespeake is a band from Oslo that plays feel-good, retro-electronic pop music. The band was created by Andrew Murray and myself, Alexander Pavelich, after playing in Eye Emma Jedi for four years. We wrote and recorded our debut album DNA with producer Jonas Raabe in a studio in a barn outside Oslo. It’s out April 22nd!

KM: Your plugging and brevity skills are strong, Pav. You’ll be a Jedi yet. Well done for the creatings, and the recordings, the putting-outings and the barn…stuff. Here is another song of yours.

Lovespeake – DNA

Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

It’s only been a week since I heard Anderson Paak’s Malibu but I have to say it’s the coolest record I’ve heard the past year! To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar and Elaenia by Floating Points deserve honourable mentions too.

KM: Man. You’re far more current than we are. Write a blog or something? Have ours? G’wan. Have it.


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

I finally saw Röyksopp when I supporting them with Carl Louis on their Norwegian arena tour in December. Everything about their show was amazing. The music, the set-up, outfits, masks, dancers and the visuals etc. MAN, those visuals!

KM: They’re the guys who have that cartoon character kid in a bear-suit, right? If so, schwing. Very schwing indeed.


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

Donald Fucking Trump.

KM: Good fucking answer.

trumpety tumperoo

You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

Highway To Hell. Gotta go out with a bang!


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

I’ve never danced in Liverpool-nightclubs and screamed my guts out quite as much to Dark Side of The Moon as I have to Killing In The Name Of..! Rage for sure.

Lovespeake’s debut album “DNA” is released 22nd April via Toothfairy.

They play By:Larm in Olso on 2nd and 3rd March.

Thanks to Alexander Pavelich

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