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Old Sea Brigade
“Better Days”/”Love Brought Weight”

Old Sea Brigade

“Music…it is as vital as eating and breathing”. Or so said the 43-year-old Michael, owner of Computer Place who seem to be the only people in the known universe (take note, PC World, or Curry’s, or whatever the fuck you’re going around calling yourselves these days) that can fix a Finnish laptop efficiently, expeditiously, and without completely bankrupting us in the process  – which is really useful indeed, especially when you’re the one having to live down fucking up the laptop in the first place. Anyway, Michael is a really nice Nigerian chap and we got talking about stuff. This stuff included examining what music means on a subjective level; particularly poignant given the more objective standpoint of certain awards ceremonies these days, which indeed seem to point to pouring adulation on those that receive it on a regular basis anyway, not least of all in the financial context. Turns out the idea of running music as a business is very much a Western concept, and has befuddled a lot of people who hold their native folk music very dear to their hearts indeed, which alludes to what our guy Michael was banging on about above. See, where he and a lot of other people like him are from, music is just a part of every day life – the idea of becoming a celebrity or heightening one’s social status out of something deemed so integral to one’s ongoing culture is very much an alien concept to him. We’re sure a bunch of people reading this – artist, industry, fan, or one of the so-called “normal” people out there (what does normal actually mean?) – might be able to appreciate that sentiment. It really would be nice if we could knock the idea of making money on the head in this line of work, wouldn’t it? Anyway, whilst we’re thinking about that and getting all pensive and shit, check this guy Old Sea Brigade. Ally McCrae told us about him. He is from the USA. Although we can’t say where exactly, mainly as we dunno. But that’s ok. Doesn’t matter. With a vocal that is quintessentially everything we love about an American singing accent – coarse, seasoned like the person who possess such a voice has seen some shit during their time – melded with a style of production that makes this element stand out even more amongst a backdrop of complimentary musical accompaniment by way of acoustic guitars and ethereal synthy bits leaves us thinking of Ray Lamontagne, Damien Rice and a bit of The National. Then having a go on double-whamster Track Of The Day Love Brought Weight puts us in a similar world to Miles Benjamin Anthony RobinsonPort O’Brien and Bon Iver. There’s a whole EP’s worth of this stuff over at the chap’s Soundcloud, so be sure to grab a stream of that or five.

Old Sea Brigade – Better Days

Old Sea Brigade – Love Brought Weight

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