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The New Coast
“Lost In Your Love”

The New Coast

So. Ben’s fucked off. The perpetual object of our affections and abuses in equal measure has flown the nest all the way to…Calgary. For a week. Then he’s back here doing some more bits and bobs when he gets back. We think. Its all a little bit strange. Sitting opposite in his stead is new Product Manager Tom, who having warmed to the ways of Killing Moon over the last couple of years via his vicarious persistence to upload the likes of Fickle Friends, Racing Glaciers and other such label alumni to his wonderful Youtube channel called The Hyve. This is our way of staying current, at least in terms of how we market the so-called introductory record releases at least. In fact as it turns out we now have one person working specifically on one of our ostensible business interests. Change is not only desirable in the wider remit of the ever-evolving state of what is considered normal within the music industry, but also quite necessary indeed. Although as you can imagine, we will always miss the way things were. Which again, we have come to understand as normal. We suppose whacking up new Track Of The Day Lost In Your Love by new-ish guys The New Coast seems appropriate in this manner – despite that a lot of people have already written this up in a doubtless tactical fashion to get you A&R lot intrigued by the tried and tested mechanism of aligning many music blogs at once in a thunderclap-style display of inception prowess – given that Tom has already bigged this up on his Youtube channel, and Ben would probably have a lot more to say by way of, shall we say, more critique of the track and band in question. Personally, we think its nice and can see it doing rather well in lieu of it’s clearly-intended Radio 1 audience. Musical references right this minute include San Scout, Bastille and Kyko. Now, we gotta go take Tom to his (funnily enough) first Radio 1 producer meeting. Wish him all the best of luck would ya?

The New Coast – Lost In Your Love

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