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“No One’s Going To Heaven”

The Hour

The cardinal rule of Mondays is thus: no fucking meetings. You know what we mean. Most of the more scrupulous (or unscrupulous, as sometimes the case may be) amongst the indie music community – usually those who aren’t on a regular wage and/or getting paid by the hour, which we absolutely fall into the category of – do this thing on a Sunday afternoon/evening by way dealing with the bulk of the shit they’d otherwise have to do on a Monday morning, the latter of which is a bit like leaving your uni exams to the last minute as pretty much everyone we know (which says a lot about the sort of company we typically keep) has done.  This is otherwise known as “getting a jump on the week”. It isn’t unusual, given as we’ve just said a lot of people do precisely the same thing as us, for this whole way of thinking to bite you in the ass due to, well, everyone doing the same thing at the same time which sometimes results in the most-intense rally of email tennis right at the start of the week that you can possibly imagine. So, dear readership, this is why you don’t book in Monday meetings. They all take the full hour, sometimes longer, and there are usually a billion different things that otherwise require you to be sat in front of your computer typing away as we are currently doing right this minute. Yet we have already done two out of a maximum of four meetings today. Breaking our own rule-breaking rules there. But its alright – we’re relaxed, focused, and not nearly as pissed off at ourselves due to our poor time management as we have been in the past. So now’s a good time to take the 15 minutes (already had lunch, which is again unusual for a Monday) to big up this new effort called No One’s Going To Heaven from mysterions The Hour. Abbie McCarthy slung ’em over. There is fuck all on them online. The only bit of near-useful information that we personally possess is that these guys are not the same as the film The Hours and that there are probably several bands out there with a similarly-sounding name in the plural, but we don’t think we’ve encountered one repping the singular as their chosen nomenclature. That is literally all we know. The music is, of course, therefore the hook and line, with perhaps this rather edgy video as the sinker as far as we’re concerned. We are having difficulty nailing down a genre that this could comfortably sit within, which makes us happy as it furthers the ongoing quest to hear some shit that we ain’t before. On one hand, there’s a very trap, almost trip-hoppy undercurrent and a vocal pattern (note pattern, not voice) that we’d hold akin to the most recent Drake. But then it clearly doesn’t lend itself to the more urban genres, does it? In terms of production style and lyrical content, we’re detecting splices of Chet Faker, Alt J and perhaps a bit more of the cleaner pop sensibilities of people like Ben Hobbs. Intriguing, to say the least.


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