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Dazy Crown

“Ugh. I hate everyone. The summer of hate has begun”. These immortal words were uttered not longer than 20 minutes ago by the Queen of Greenland Street herself Ella Macaulay  (seriously, don’t ever fuck with her. She’s big into her Alkaline Trio and one of the friendliest neighbours you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet, but she competes in a regular roller derby thing that involves her having to wear a mouth guard and everything, and hence our call to you to heed our words in case she feels the need to demolish you. Physically and/or verbally). Largely this was made in reference to the latest topic of conversation reverberating throughout the layout of our collective office space (Ella is part of the BSI Merch crew, or our landlords to you lot), namely about a certain Eagle of some kinda Death Metal saying some things about bang-bangs that he reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally shouldn’t be saying. At least out loud or, indeed, to various media outlets who don’t typically agree with that kind of shit. To be fair, of late, which is to say in the last decade or so, there has been this escalating culture of the mob – which has always been there by the way, back in the Roman days they used to call it the Circus – basically deciding shit on a very social media capacity with the coupled threat of cutting your digital nuts off lest you dare to have an opinion of your very own. Disagreements happen. As do arguments. So long as they are constructive and resultant in a thing we like to call “an understanding”, they can even be considered a good thing. Take this blog post for example. The entire fucking point of this blog was to allow ourselves, and indeed those reading it, to have an actual opinion about something. Granted we’re rarely cited for hatchet jobs or posting a bad review (in the objective sense, as opposed to the making-sense sense), mainly as we feel we spend enough time bitching and we are of the opinion that in the fixation-nature of this blog that this is a complete waste of everyone’s fucking time. So, just because we rate new guys Dazy Crown enough to put them up as our Track Of The Day doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to. Even though we think you really should, for the-following-and-not-limited-to reasons: they are from Norwich, and we think anyone busting out of Norwich in this kind of lazed-out scuzzy guitar fashion deserves props (again, opinion. It is JUST an opinion). Secondly, we’ve just seen by spying through their Facebook that they supported our very own merry men Racing Glaciers, and given we were hanging out with them earlier this afternoon that just makes us happy. Thirdly, and probably most relevantly, we’re just falling right to the floor for the sort of music these guys make, and we suppose the beauty is the simplicity in which it is delivered. Los Campesinos. The Muscle Club. The Drums. Those new guys we’ve been bigging up called Eastern Barbers. That kind of shit. Have a listen innit.

Dazy Crown – Honeydew

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