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“It just seems like as soon as something good happens, something really shit also happens shortly after. Or the other way around. That’s how this year has gone so far”. That’s A&R Rhi on Monday morning giving us a rather detailed account of how her weekend has gone – to keep a rather-polarised Saturday night out story as far as she and several of her associates are concerned real short, the night started out as delightful as one can expect from a Stephen Fry birthday party, followed by encountering some racist motherfuckers in suits on the train home (note to everyone: racist motherfuckers also wear suits) – and, indeed, exemplifying a sentiment that we haven’t quite so eloquently been able to surmise ourselves this year thus far. This week has been no different; more or less along the lines of how so very often “it” giveth, then “it” also taketh away. But we’re ok. No, really, we are. Perhaps today on meeting and speaking to someone we might have considered a mortal enemy in a past life, we’ve maybe begun to appreciate everything that we’ve collectively and individually gained rather than being completely fixated on everything we think we’ve lost all of the time. Also we’re off to Sweden tomorrow to explain to the various delegates attending Where’s The Music (thanks for the hook up Jonas; consider this your conference’s initial big-up, followed by several follow-on social media posts over the next few days alluding to how great your thing is compared to everyone else’s) in Sweden  just how the fuck we managed to get through last year in one piece. In preparation for said-gallavanting in the Nordics, and in consideration of how our working week has effectively been cut by two days (yeah, right), we have once again had fuck-all time to look up and/or research through the pile of blog submissions we’ve had through of late. So, we basically just asked Ben Soep to send us something. He sent us this rather colourful trio Moon Tourists. Ben reckons they’re from Kent; although having just asked him to confirm that assertion, he’s got the whole “what’s going on here” look plastered all over his chevy-chase so don’t take our word from that (update: he’s just said “yeah, they’re from Kent). Several clicks later through a plethora of social media has led us to believe that Moon Tourists, with slightly more than the three people depicted above, got involved with Reading & Leeds Festivals last year in the capacity of performing live on the respective BBC Introducing stages. So, we guess, we can count the latter as early supporters of these very-possibly-maybe Kentish people. Which is nice. Dream surfaced online around about a month ago in the context of Soundcloud, and is striking all the right indie-pop chords – along the lines of Sykes, Philco FictionSKIES and Fickle Friends‘ less-obvious moments of songwriting brilliance (we’ll always have a Paris after all) – whilst smacking a reminder of a Finnish band that Iida starts playing in the flat each time we’re about to go over to visit her relatives, presumably because it reminds her of home. We have obviously forgotten the name of Finnish-band, but you get the idea. Even if you don’t, wrap your earholes on this shit.

Moon Tourists – Dream

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