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Indigo Husk

“It really is amazing that stuff is going the way that [we’ve] wanted it to for such a long time; but its different this time too. [We] don’t think [we’re] scared of things blowing up in our face again this time around”. That was us last night, if our fatigued memory serves, on the seemingly unnecessarily long trip back to Hendon from seeing Lisbon bring their ‘Toon party bus to Hoxton last night, complete with rolled-up tshirt sleeves, backwards baseball caps, and one big-ass red-halogen Vice sign for all to gawp at. Perhaps more so than usual, we’re intensely comparing our general situation and that of several others from where we were this time last year, and where we all are now. We suppose although we craved an easier ride professionally and personally speaking from several years back, maybe we don’t appreciate things as much if they were simply handed to us as opposed to feeling like we have to drown first in order to learn how to swim. What we guess we’re saying is things are pretty cool right now. We don’t find ourselves desperately dispairing long into the night about stuff that really doesn’t seem to matter any more (although of course the same stuff did matter back in the proverbial day). For example, it used to be a source of great anxiety for us to not write on this blog every day; now we don’t seem to give as much of a shit as we perhaps get our kicks by way of contributing to the arts/creative world in other ways these days. Although we’re glad we’re doing it today, otherwise we wouldn’t get the chance to shout about people like Indigo Husk who this day have claimed the Track Of The Day championship belt with their recent effort Misbehave. Firstly, these are guys. Secondly, from what we’ve seen briefly online they get real sweaty. Thirdly, they describe themselves as grunge – and if the distinct whiffies of Kings Of LeonThe Walkmen and perhaps our indie-heroes of yesteryear Life In Film eminating from Misbehave are things that constitute grunge these days, then we guess that makes them grunge. We’re gonna call ’em indie rock anyway, because that’s our fucking choice right this minute. We still rate it either way though. We have to say we’re a teensy bit sad that we have to stay in tomorrow night and therefore we’re going to miss them playing their initial live delving of 2016 at The Old Queen’s Head for a free entry show, but seeing as we’re off to Paris to see John Joseph Brill and Daughter, we’ll get through this somehow. If you go down, let us know how it was would ya?

Indigo Husk – Misbehave


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