“The Path To Getting Paid”


“The thing is, the reason [we] are such a cunt on Fridays is because we’re spending half the working day freaking out about all the shit we have to get done before [we] can switch off for the weekend; and in the other half we’re frantically trying to shore up all the other stuff we have to pick-up-and-run from Monday morning, most of which [we’ve] completely forgotten about anyway”. Or so we just explained to our (and yours, coincidentally) guy Ben Soep by way of rationalising why, from time to time, we allow the salt that the world is throwing in our general direction constantly to melt our ostensible outer shield of ice. Although some people have lately refuted our self-anointed dark’n’mysterious persona. We followed up this assertion by way of an analogy whereby we not only have to figure out how to achieve lift-off from one cliff face over a two-day ravine, but also how to land softly on the other side and, with any luck, fully intact. We suppose it is reasonable to say that this year thus far has been one of the most stop/start that we have experienced – never before in the month of January have we felt so excitably and elated followed by immediately feeling truly gutted, in both a professional and personal context. We are definitely shirking in the harsh face of potential stardom, which is hilarious given that we’re not actually the artist facing it at all. A weekend is, of course, what is definitely needed in these circumstances, and at least now we have the beautiful Finnish one to keep our shit in check. Anyway, the increased workload levied our way thus far nearly led to the all-too-common-these-days occurrence of not writing anything at all on the blog. Then, as luck would have it, our/your guy Ben Soep slung over these guys ULTRAS. From Glasgow, they are. Make interesting guitar music with electronic beats, they do. Talk like Yoda, they do not. Sound like a twat at the minute, do we? Sorry. Serving as a reminder that one person’s yesterday’s-news can be another person’s holy-shit-I’ve-discovered-fire (guess which one we are right now), ULTRAS right now are providing the late-in-the-day sustenance that will likely mean that at least we will get home in one piece this evening. Music-wise, riddle us this: Billy Brag adopting a Patrick Wolf-style take on independent pop music by injecting some rather-telling lyricism – it turns out that we’re not the only ones with the ability to whip out the c-word all willy nilly – whilst being backed up by Manchester Orchestra in all their emotive, air punching glory. We’ve spent a good ten minutes trying to conjure up such imagery by way of explaining where we feel these guys – assuming they are guys – sit in the musical world, and of course we’re still quite off. Perhaps that’s what’s most intriguing about them. Take it easy this weekend, yeah?

ULTRAS – The Path To Getting Paid


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