Bad news kids. Our back is still fucked. If you didn’t know that before, then you are one of the several fortunate individuals in London that we seemingly haven’t had a humongous moan at in the past week or so. There are several theories being thrown around during this time as to the cause of our latest ailment which we choose to make the rest of the world’s problem – we mean, it’s a fucking pain in every respect of the word so we don’t see why we should be lumbered with the sole burden that a bad back entails. Share the pain. Anyway, the first is probably the most obvious – we are a now-portly and under-exercised 31 year old (some might say the skinniest fat-man in the biz, which sounds kinda cool) who has spent the last month largely doing fuck all other than drinking, eating, and sitting. This ranges to the latest and most-intriguing theory put to us by several occupants of our office space who reckon we just can’t handle the winter. Presumably they mean the steadily-freezing weather that has settled over London, as opposed to the activities that we have boldly undertaken during the last month as mentioned already. Perhaps a combination of the two. Carrying on this theme of things that are so cool that they’re breaking our soul, as opposed to our body, are new Track Of The Day’ers Stillhound. They are Scottish. We don’t know which bit and we don’t necessarily have time to find out as we’re due to meet up with Draper very shortly to go check out the new Lapsley album over at XL. We do know that Scotland’s BBC Music bloke Vic Galloway – still the most impressive ragga singer that we’ve encountered at Great Escape festival, by far, and we guess he’s a pretty solid radio DJ too – has been bigging this lot up. Blending ethereal vocal deliveries amongst a suitably wintery sonic backdrop, we’re finding ourselves torn in deciding whether this is more Worship, or George Michael. Again, perhaps both underlying causes explain what the hell it is we’re dealing with.


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