Premiere: Lovespeake


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back. How’s it going? How was your [insert here applicable holiday-nomenclature representative of the time that you may or may not have had off, depending on whether or not you work in the creative and/or educational industries or indeed have an employer that doesn’t completely fuck you in terms of taking time off during the festive period]? No shit, us too! Well, actually we did [insert activity that we did, that we know you didn’t, and you’re an idiot for not undertaking precisely the same activities and therefore missing the point of the above entirely], and now we feel so much better than we did at the end of 2015. Actually, the truth of the matter somewhat unsurprisingly to anyone who might care enough is that whilst we were “off” we were in fact very much “on”, mainly as it turns out that compilation release campaigns don’t happen all by themselves and there’s contracts and applications and shit to go through. Some light festive reading and box-ticking going on there. The not-so-great news is that despite our best efforts we have still a shitload to catch up on, and despite even coming out of seasonal retirement early to get a jump on everything, we have started this year feeling like we’ve fallen very much behind. Although as far as the blog is concerned, that has played to advantage. We mean, we didn’t have enough time to do what would otherwise be our first Track Of The Day for 2016 yesterday. And by sheer dumb luck, because that wonderful undertaking has in fact fallen on today, we get to be the lucky ones to premiere the debut effort from Norwegian buzz-feeders Lovespeake. We have history with this crew – in fact some of the most deep-rooted as far as our ostensible (first use of that word for this year, yay!) brand is concerned – but we spend most of the time talking about ourselves anyway so let’s just say that we still listen to Eye Emma Jedi to this day. Lovespeake appear to be six of the finest musical specimens that we’ve ever encountered. That’s not just speaking from past and rather direct experience of one or indeed several members of which Lovespeake are composite – there are some people here that we’ve never laid eyes on before and we simply want to get to know them better. So the first step to doing so is to read the press release we’ve had sent over pertaining to debut single DNA (out today, in fact), which is lifted from a forthcoming album album of the same name (which we’re informed is out sometime in the Spring of this year). Apparently, this lot take “classic 70’s and 80’s beats and sounds, inspired by love songs of the 60’s and dance gospel from the 90’s”. You guys – this is the work of at least 40 whole years of musical development, delivered to you nearly 60 years after the initiation. That’s a LOT of effort, and aside from being cited as Ones To Watch by pretty much everybody, that alone should be worth a click-to-stream by you lot. By way of specific references, we think this lands more-than-comfortably between contemporaries such as Chromeo, Sam Sparro (we’re really basing that on the only song that we know by him, which is of course Black & Gold), and Jungle we guess. Having heard the rest of the Lovespeake album, we can say with a degree of certainty that they’re not planning on building a career on the foundation of reinventing the same song over and over. That’s bloody good news, isn’t it?

Lovespeake – DNA

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