What on earth is the fucking point of this week? Eh? Riddle us that. Loose ends, that’s what. The only problem is that there only appear to be about three of these loose ends, and as it happens in contrast to previous weeks where we have been so overwhelmed with, well, everything to the point that we thought we were literally drowning in the raw and seething mass of other people’s agendas; we are now finding it really difficult to keep a pace that other people in life might consider rather commonplace. Seriously, we have not had to stretch tasks out like this since we were an intern. Yeah, that’s right, we’ve been an intern. We’ve even been an A&R scout. So we know that there is an ever-present cross-section of the music industry that generally does fuck-all, because that’s what we were incredibly accustomed to doing, so quite frankly we are surprised that we’re finding it this difficult to slide back into the prerequisite mentality that this occupation clearly demands. Pre-Hype Machine era as well, so we didn’t even have a web-based tool to do our jobs for us. And we had to walk on burning hot coals to get to school every day. And we didn’t have shoes. Or something. Anyway, sliding nicely back into dealing with other people’s agendas, today’s Track Of The Day’er was sourced from one Jazz Rocket who threw a cover from today’s protagonist in the ongoing soundtrack of our lives some weeks ago, namely REVILO (although Jazz made the presumably-indirect gaff of referring to the artist he presumably works with as the more commonplace English verb meaning “to criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner” in today’s email exchange. Pretty deep, Jazz). Anyway, despite Jazz’s clear disdain for our not-really-into-posting-covers bloggy policy (upon discovery of which, ol’ Jazzy told he “knew we would say something stupid like that”. We vowed in our head that he would pay for that at a later date. Maybe he’s paying for this now. Never casually insult someone who has the ability to communicate en masse to many-if-not-most-of your colleagues, we guess the lesson is there, ESPECIALLY when they have this kind of time on their hands), we are making good on our promise to follow up on something more in line with the original works we enjoy posting about immensely. Although we’ve seen we are not exactly alone in this endeavour – for Track Of The Day Apathy (again, quite topical given our circumstances today and/or overreaching hangover from the weekend) has been bounded about in several reputable online editorial outlets similar to this, just way bigger ones like Pigeons & Planes. Way to go REVILO. We enjoy your dark-edged and vitriolically-laced pop ensemble. We won’t bother cite any references because we’re worried Jazz will call us names. Anway. Revere in REVILO. Then go see him live at Upstairs @ The Garage on Thursday. We can’t go because we’re taking Ben, Rhi, Maiju and Iida out for a meal, which will undoubtedly lead to us getting pissed.

REVILO – Apathy

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