“Blue & The Green”


Turns out a great deal of things can change in 24 hours. Offers of exclusive recording services once seemingly forgotten can spontaneously resume. A person feeling homesick can suddenly find themselves very much at home. Tears of sadness can evolve into those of the utmost joy. The sausages in the fridge can suddenly break out with those weird “I’m definitely way past my sell-by date” lesions that mean you should absolutely chuck them away rather than adhering to the inner student within us all that reckons seeing as you spent a fiver on those fuckers they should absolutely keep until you can actually find the time to fry and devour those brilliant sort-of cylinders of meaty (and more, they can do all sorts these days with sausages) goodness. A lot more can change in, say, 72 hours, which is roughly about the time that has passed somce the everlasting know-it-all Rob Turnham let word slip to us about new Brighton entity LOYAL and their debut effort Blue & The Green as supplied to the world by the people/person behind the Good Years label – whom admittedly we don’t know at all, but would very much like to given they seem to have the enigmatically-cool aesthetic game pretty much on lock-down. Anyway, during that time this lot/person appears to have amassed well over 80,000 plays on the ol’ Soundcloud, presumably due to those that have doubtless propped up the track in front of a lot of rapturous ears already. Don’t you other blogger types chill out over the weekend? Then again, we don’t blame you for not doing so when music of this quality is presented. The level of songwriting prowess and production is quite frankly intimidating as fuck; an evolving-into-a-crescendo soundscape that feels like a digital sea that you wouldn’t actually mind drowning in; coupled with petite-yet-powerful vocals conveying lyrics that quite frankly we wish we had the necessary command of the English language to emulate ourselves. There are no comparisons. So we won’t even try to fuck things up for you. Just listen.

LOYAL – Blue & The Green

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