We’ve started day-dreaming about Primavera. Actually we’ve started flat-out pretending that we’re already there. Trying to carry around that sun-drenched and care-free kind of mentality as a contrast to the general bleakness that has set in this week. You know what we’re on about. Most if not all those that we have had contact with over the past few days – and we suppose we should apologise to several of those people for being on the receiving-end of our snappy bastardness; basically we’re just super jealous that everyone around us seemingly has all the time in the world on their hands right now, or at least is way better than us in terms of managing their time a hell of a lot better than we’re seemingly able to – are on a mission of the most determined nature to plough on through the home-straight to the end of the year. Which means an element of tetchiness all round. Although based on last night’s events, this doesn’t seem so bad right this minute. Y’know, at least we don’t have to worry about fucking (more) bombs being dropped on us, do we? In celebration of our recent short-natured snidey comment trail-blazer of a week, it seems pretty much right-on to prop up this effort called Fine as our current Track Of The Day. Its a song by a Brighton band called Tuska. Clearly we are behind on everything, but as consequence the blog is beginning to suffer a bit because this was on our “whack this the fuck up” list as-of two weeks ago. Thankfully a whole bunch of other way-better-at-this types were far more adept at propping this Soundcloud playcount pretty damn close to the 10k mark. So. Tuska. Other than ascertaining that they are indeed from Brighton, they appear to be making each conscious step to position themselves as a duo – although we’re going to go ahead and assume that there is in fact a full live band in tow based on other visual representations making themselves known on social media. Music-wise, there’s a spaced-out rock undercurrent that would peak the interest of many a Tame Impala and/or The War On Drugs fan, but we feel there’s scuzzed-out rockier moments that remind us of Gallery Circus. More so than Royal Blood. You simply can’t compare every band from Brighton that strikes a near-drop-D chord on their guitar progression that also happens to be a duo to Royal Blood, because that quite frankly is as lazy as an MP voting to carpet-bomb a whole country simply because all of their mates are at it. Or something. Get into this.

Tuska – Fine

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