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How much of a big deal should you make of your little part in something that’s evidently quite a big deal to a bunch of other people? Can you really be considered modest if the manifestation of one’s modesty is effectively PR’d, whether by oneself via the various social mediums available to them, or indeed by actually paying a guy (like, dunno, a PR) to make you look like, well, this we suppose. Was that last bit supposed to be a question? We dunno. As we’re edging ever-closer to the end of a year that has nearly seen us destroyed both personally and professionally – although we fully admit and appreciate that this was what we wanted, and with great risk comes even greater rewards, often appearing in forms that you really did not expect at any stage – we’re doing that whole reflective shit whereby we weigh up losses and gains. You know. That old chestnut that we’re pretty sure everybody does but for some reason leaves us in a perpetual state of gormlessness. We guess that this occupation is the closest we’ll ever get to being actually IN the bands that we wish we were in; and in tandem given that we’ve already laid out our metaphorical Pilot Fish-style lightbulb in front of us in terms of permanently chasing ourselves around a bit (we’re trying to reference the incessant need to basically always do music-related shit all the time, which we understand is an ailment – usually referred to as obsession – suffered by anyone who genuinely gives a fuck about what they do and how they’re doing it) that might go some way to explain why we’re still doing this. Huh. In contrast to the celebration of us attempting not to make everything about us all the time (apart from this, of course. Allow us, we’re self-absorbed and we have a whole blog to prove it), here’s the slightly macabre-sounding Track Of The Day called Corpse (albeit a live rendition, and a fucking solid one at that) by a guy we’ve been itching to write about for some time (yet conveniently missed the original upload date by several weeks) by new guys Sam Jordan & The Dead Boys. Sam and his boys, whether dead or alive, may well be the last-minute upset/contender to make our crappy end-of-year-best-of-whatever list. Aside from a compelling vibrato (had to google that one) and a clear penchant for metaphor-riddled lyricism that really gets us thinking about life (and death, we suppose), the element that is really drawing us to Sam Jordan‘s way of doing shit is how much of a walking contradiction he appears to us. A gentle giant, of sorts. This is conversely reflected in his music; it would be so tempting to lump him into the folk category, but this might be by analogy like calling the tip of a mountain just a tiny bitta snow. There’s depth, that’s for sure. It’s more John Joseph Brill than Mumford & Sons. Cosmo Jarvis over Jamie T. George Ezra instead of James Bay. And 100% more Tom Waits than Billy Brag; although that is intended to be a much long-winded way of us saying we think this guy stands out. We are also left with a distinctly Dry The River taste in our mouths after zoning into this clip for the fifth or sixth consecutive time. One to watch indeed. Hold each other close this weekend.


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