We hung out with former intern Michael last night. We say former intern because obviously that’s what he used to be and no longer is, but further he’s stepped his music biz game up and landed himself a cushy major label A&R jobby. Which basically means at pretty much any time now he will be earning more than us – which we suspect is the case for most if not all of our former work experience brood. One of them has bought a bloody house. Anyway, t’was cool to share a jar with the Jar-man, particularly in a section of the Underworld where we seemed to be surrounded by copious amounts of conspicuous couples macking out as far as the eye could see. The stark contrast between our respective roles in the game of music was just that; indeed the position that former intern Michael currently has to deal with was more or less exactly where we were at when we rolled with (and were subsequently turfed out of) a similar frontline major label many years ago. It is definitely important both in terms of present context and future prospects to determine where one really belongs. Soundtracking this ongoing determination and as a backdrop of ostensible pensiveness (we are very much sick and tired of filling out International Showcase Funding applications right now, but it has to be done) are the aptly-named Forever, who arriveth with current Track Of The Day Loose all the way from Glasgow. Ally McCrae-cray inadvertently gave us a tip-off about ’em, for one of several reasons. Evidently we need to discuss such matters more often; from what we can tell today’s heroes have already done the proverbial rounds with this intriguing bit of progressively electronica-tinged indie pop bugger – waxed, buffed and spackled with occupants of similar soundspaces like Chet FakerYeasayerMalpasBreton, and previous Track Of The Day’er James Canty – resulting in much chest-beating and radio-playing north of Hadrian’s Wall, even making to to the much-coveted Generator Tipping Point doo-dah not too long ago. However, we’re not entirely convinced that these guys and/or their music have yet received the exposure they truly deserve. Reports from those in the know suggest there will be a more comprehensive recorded offering to follow this in 2016, but for now, get stuck fully into this.

Forever – Loose

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