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Friday innit. Bet most of you lot have left the office. In fact, half of you haven’t even set foot into “the office” today. For reasons pertaining to certain PRs heading out to boom it up at the Mercury Awards, certain booking agents saying that they’re on holibobs when instead they’re just trying to duck out of a conference call – or simply (and this is our favourite reason of the day) no one can be fucked to really do anything today. It really has been a trying week, hasn’t it? You’re either ill, or freaking out about the lack of money you have to chuck at people in about a months’ time, and/or generally a bit sad about certain myriad shit that most of us can do very little to control. We suppose that’s why we’re pleased we’re at work today, situated in a rather ground-down atmosphere but a productive one nevertheless, and surrounded by people who seemed determined to cheer us up intermittently. We can look after each other, right? And whilst we’re doing that, we can listen to SKIES whose delightful blend of strong indie-pop hasn’t failed to bring a smile to our mind since Tom Baxter slung over the tracks a little while back. In fact, we dug it so much that we invited them up to London from their native Kent to play our most-recent Killing Moon takeover at Club NME. It was great. We think. We were quite drunk and apparently arguing with someone about nothing in particular, and so distractions were very much present. But everyone else that was there tells us it was great, so there you go. Seeing as we awoke the next day distraught and with a head full of questions, we figured that we’d aim some of those questions in SKIES‘ direction – which is doubly-good timing given that their debut EP If You Feel Like It is out a week from today. You know the drill. Here we go.


Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

Hi! We’re SKIES! Individually Alie Cotter and Jericho Tozer and we’re from Folkestone in Kent. We like writing songs and stuff.

KM: Hmmmm. Story checks out. Proceed.

SKIES – Leave Me

Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

Alie: My favourite release is probably That’s the Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon… the production is incredible – I just love how epic it all is… it’s not usually what I’m into lyrically or stylistically – but you can’t deny it’s a damn good listen!

Jericho: Mine has to be Darwin Deez‘s Double Down album. So much hook, groove and pure pop. Plus he performed, recorded and released it all himself!

KM: We’re going to roll with BMTH on this one. Don’t be mad about it Jericho. Its just our way.


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

Jericho: We went down to the Barfly a few weeks ago to go and see our friends Get Inuit with Otherkin. Was a really cool show to watch and it was hosted by The Hyve who are nice!

Alie: We’ve mostly watched a lot of  local Kent/London shows this year so it’s hard to mention just one… and I haven’t really been to any big shows either – maybe I’ll say the Barfly one too?! Seeing The 1975 in Nov though so that will be good.

KM: The Hyve? As in the world-famous Youtube curatory channel thingy? That one? The one run by a guy who we all know? That guy? Yeah? Huh.


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

Alie: The moon…

Jericho: I couldn’t tell you why but a drive-by moon for Celine Dion would tickle my kidneys.

Alie: What the hell?!!! Ha ha!!

KM: Yeah Jericho. The hell man. Tone it down, this is serious shit.


You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

Alie: Is it terrible to say it’d have to be one of my own songs?! At the risk of getting deep (but hey, you asked!) I’ve written quite a lot about death so I’d have to pick one of those probably… one has a lyric about the moon in it – it’s called Lines so I’d pick that one – for you guys!

Jericho: Barbie Girl – cos Alie got all deep…

KM: Bloody hell. We are never talking to either of you again.


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

Jericho: Killing in the Name of hands down

If You Feel Like It EP is released via Lab Records on 27th November.

Thanks to Tom Baxter.

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