“Why are you just so…OPPOSITE?” Ben Soep asked us in a rather public setting this damp-ass afternoon. This line of questioning swiftly followed a certain company with whom we share office space occupying the sound waves in the office with their Generic FM selection choices on their stereo, thereby blocking our incessant attempts to play, basically, Alkaline Trio and Thrice on the reg. Good move, right? And in line with standard office politics and/or practices, particularly as far as those that sit in the creative industries are concerned. Only problem is that if you whack on the radio, eventually – whether you like it or not – Nickelback WILL happen. That’s how they get to keep going; and in contrast our particular choices in music and the bands that perform it will forever struggle in an atmosphere of under-appreciation. Nickelback happen because the more unopinionated members of musical consumers – who are in fact most of the world – like that shit. The irony here leading to Ben’s intense line of question is that we seemed to be the only person in the room that didn’t mind listening to How You Remind Me because it has practically been banned in these sorts of environments; we were disheartened to learn of other’s lack of sense of nostalgia. Carrying the nostalgia torch pretty highly and brightly are current Track Of The Day people FEVER, but with perhaps a touch more credibility than the aforementioned. Well, maybe more than just a touch. Remember the 90’s? Remember guitars? That’s what we think this lot are into – stuff like Manic Street PreachersSuede and the mightiest indie band of them all Symposium. We suppose its been going down well with a number of concerned lookers-in, given that recent big-ups have been dispensed unto our guitar heroes from the likes of NME, Louder Than War, and a bunch more whose opinion is held in far greater esteem than our own. Oh yeah, and they’re rolling in the big-boy shit via live performances alongside Beach Baby, previous Track Of The Day’ers The Big Moon and everyone’s favourite major label hype act Pretty Vicious. Or they will do in regards to that last one. Anyway. This is Sucker. Deal with it.

FEVER – Sucker

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