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Premiere: Eddie Prové
“Silent Love”

Eddie Prove

“Even in the darkest moments, you can always find something that will make you smile”. Pretty neat phrase right? Pretty apt for the vibe right about now huh? Wanna know who said that? Captain motherfucking Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine y’all. The fact is, most of today has possessed an undertone of being a bit pointless in light of recent events; to add on to the pre-existing undertone of simply wanting to get the rest of this year out of the way for a plethora of different reasons. Fatigue is up there. It is certainly our reason. Indeed, what is the point of starting or indeed following through anything, when we all know that all good things must come to an end (we lifted that from another Star Trek character, FYI) eventually? We put this to our friend James Cox following witnessing him wed his best friend Rowena the morning following what appears to be a series of tragic-stretching-into-the-horrific events that took place the night before around the world. His immediate, and in his own way suitably-humourous response was “well, someone had to get married on 9/11, didn’t they?”. Setting aside the factual correctness of what our friend was saying, we later fully appreciated his possibly-inadvertent yet diabolically-genius imperative statement – someone HAD to. From where we are sitting, and of course notwithstanding the regular news developments of localised or widespread repercussions of the weekend’s events, keeping on keeping-on is about the best thing for us all round about now. We can be a little bit nicer to each other. A little bit more considerate. And perhaps say the things that we’ve wanted and/or needed to say before our proverbial and/or literal time has come. We simply must. So, here goes: we like pop music. We in particular like great pop music. So we guess it helps that we have the privilege of premiering a brand new track from a brand new guy called Eddie Prové, which we are taking great joy in saying over and over again in our head given that (a) it has a Gallic twang to it all and (b) we like saying things like risqué with a dual entendre (not in the whack-sense; in the we-like-to-replace-a-word-that-we-say-often-with-one-that-we-don’t way). This one is called Silent Love, which is a nomenclature perhaps in contrast to what we’re blathering on about above given that we’re advocating use of the opposite given our current situation. Lots and lots to think about that. Whilst you are, here are some stats that manager Ryan Farley (you didn’t say we couldn’t mention you mate, so deal with it) that you can also lump into your thought processes: Eddie Prové is from Reading. He is 23. This track is receiving a commercial release a week from today, followed by an EP release of the same name as our current Track Of The Day on 18th January 2016. So if you dig the James Blake via One Republic take on the songwriting and production here, perhaps with a spackling of Esse for indie-pop cred and/or influences that we’re trying to cite here, then you’ve already got something to look forward to.

Eddie Prové – Silent Love


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