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We really don’t get it. The fatigue, we mean. We’ve not drunk a solitary drop of booze this week. We’ve been the water boy; which is particularly piss-takey considering that free booze has been on elaborate public display for the duration. We’ve been getting up at a time that most of the UK’s workforce would consider normal (not the music contingent, obviously. They usually get to bed by the time we’ve been getting up). We’ve been running around like a fucking dickhead up and down the length and breadth of the Shoreditch and/or Hoxton area – like, literally running, which is sort of hilarious in itself if you know us at all – so we can’t hand this down to lack of physical exertion. Perhaps physical over-exertion? Yeah right. Add to that we can now feel the skin-tingles of the cold virus genesis in our body, and you can imagine we are pretty fucking short right this minute. We want peace. We want balance. We want to fucking chill out for at least a day where no one asks us to do anything beyond sleeping. That’s what we’re gonna do this weekend. Fuck-all. And whilst that’s happening, we are going to listen to a lot more from current Track Of The Day’ers Big Tooth, whose 50’s tinged musical compliment really suits our current constitution rather well. Big Tooth look like professional bad-asses and exemplify that in their songwriting as well. It’s as if they don’t need to prove anything and are just content to exist as they want to. How nice that must be for them. They hail from London, which is also peculiar given we could have sworn this would be an outfit from the Mid-West. Our senses fail us. Reference-wise and notwithstanding the ingrained juices of 1950’s soul that has been injected into this, we’re getting Beach Boys, Ritchie ValensDonna (as appropriated by many a pop-punk band, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that) and a dollop of modern dream-wave production to bring it into touch with people like Band Of Horses. Cool. Have a restful weekend.

Big Tooth – Temptation

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