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Corey Bowen
“If Birds Wish To Fly”

Corey Bowen

Sorry about yesterday. For not posting anything, we mean. We recently returned from our friend Coxy’s stag do and as is customary for a bunch of lads (albeit extremely friendly ones) we ended up inflicting some serious alcohol-related damage to our person. Brain not feel right. We suppose the blog, given that it is a projection of our inner monologue for you all to gawp at whilst we attempt to convince ourselves that we’re not going completely fucking mental all the time, followed suit by just doing a shut down. That would be cool, wouldn’t it? If you could actually control things with your mind, rather than the other way around. The reality of it is that we didn’t upgrade various bits and bobs when we were supposed to, apparently. Let that be a lesson to us all, alongside the more vital lesson of stop-drinking-all-the-time. While we’re learning lessons, let’s all listen to this guy Corey Bowen. He is from Middlesborough. Our A&R Rhi is quite taken by him, in that she ordered us to listen and so in turn we are now suggesting (because people don’t like being told what to do, rather they prefer boundaries, or so our mate Brodie told us on the staggy and he knows about this shit because he is a legit teacher) that you do the same. It might well be easy to lamp Corey Bowen into the psychedelia category, particularly off the basis of digging into the brilliantly-composed and strongly-produced If Birds Wish To Fly – there have indeed been outcries of CaesarsJerk It Out, Tame Impala and Miles Kane (Ben Soep proclaimed that this sounds exactly like Hot Hot Heat at one point, however he later retracted this statement in an attempt to get us to not mention him on this post) on first play in the office space. However if this indeed representative of a songwriting talent, as opposed to a genre-specific challenger to the proverbial championship spot, then there’s no real telling where this could potentially go. Which is really quite exciting, isn’t it?

Corey Bowen – If Birds Wish To Fly

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