Ben Soep has undergone some sort of musical baptism today. Or several in fact. The poor sod has not only been subjected to Adele‘s new (kinda. It sounds like the last album) effort that will undoubtedly have us all cry-wanking along for the next two years; we also introduced him to a nu-metal band called Mudvayne that lately we have become slightly obsessed with due to a rather hilarious clip we recently encountered online which also serves as a source of great annoyance for our girlfriend given that we like to take every possible opportunity to irritate the very air she breathes by playing this clip out loud as much as possible. He didn’t like it. However, we’re looking at Ben right this minute absolutely laying waste to the radio plugging role he assumes when the literal duty calls (Washington Irving playlisted on BBC Radio Scotland ain’t no cheap trick) while he nods along in a very positive manner indeed to his own Spotify playlist comprised of things such as The Pogues and Talking Heads, amongst many other plinky-plinky whiney-whiney treats. The proverbial good shit. In addition, we’re listening to a new artist from Ben’s Scottish home – funnily enough called Scotland – that calls herself HQFU, whom he sent over at a point earlier today saying we needed to check it out. Given the above, we’re genuinely surprised at being solicited such music from such a source – then again, that probably only serves to reinforce that current Track Of The Day CA$HLE$$ LIP$ indeed deserves to be heard by a larger audience. It is in equal parts both uplifting and chill, which we’re sure are probably genres in their own right within the all-encompassing sphere of dance music. We find our mind wondering towards thing such as Disclosure, Rogue‘s Night After Night, and of course our very own pride and joy Draper, particularly in regard to a wealth of cool new shit he has coming up that we shouldn’t really be talking about beyond what we’re saying right here. Jeah. Presumably following a recent show supporting CHVRCHES, HQFU (real name Sarah J Stanley) may well see fit to bring this down to London in the live context. Blam. Have a bloody good weekend.


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