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Agent Fresco
“Wait For Me”

Agent Fresco

We gotta tell ya – there are fewer things more cathartic as far as we are concerned than being able to say we’re releasing the debut album from Racing Glaciers. Set aside the rather substantial history that we have with some of the merriest men that you’re likely to encounter – not just in t’North, but t’world – and how pleasing it is to have worked with a band from a periodic single and/or EP releasing mode over this period of time right through to putting out their very first full-length; the album is quite frankly a work of art in itself. Sincere props to the guys for navigating what hasn’t been a particularly easy year for anyone concerned with a smile permanently stuck on their chudsey faces and getting to a point where very few people ever do. We honestly can’t wait for you to hear this thing. Of course, it can’t all be about them or indeed us, no matter how much we’d like it to be right now. So thank goodness for the vicarious arrival of a band that go by the name of Agent Fresco, the music of whom Ben slung the whole digital/physical meter over to us at some point yesterday evening, in which he simply stated “you’ll like this”. He’s not wrong much these days, is Ben. For, indeed, we do like this a fair chunk. Agent Fresco are a band from Reykjavik in Iceland. There appear to be four of them. They have been trucking for a few years now, and that trucking seems to be going real good as we’ve discovered lately is rather typical of Nordic artists that prefer to get as good both in terms of performance, songwriting and developing an actual fanbase as opposed to maintaining a friendbase rather than adhering to the increasingly non-sensical aim of overreaching (then again, we’re certainly ones to talk). The music is driven by about as much fiery ambition as a volcano (ooh, topical) that has been threatening to errupt for a whole fucking while. Delving only a short distance into the track gives us sentiments of the more progressive end of the indie-rock and pop spectrums; things such as Alt-J and Everything Everything on one part, and James Blake and Jack Garratt on another. Then with the introduction of an ethereal vocal sitting atop this fiery drive, it starts to get a little heavy in the same way as Tool or A Perfect Circle perhaps once did. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Agent Fresco – Wait For Me


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