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Noah Kin

Goddamn, do we ever talk an alarming amount of shite. At least that’s the impression that we got during our 2-and-a-bit stint to Tampere after having our alleged Britishness described to us as initially-charming, then later-intimidating given that we hardly ever give others an opportunity to speak until much, much later. As conferences go, we have a cardinal rule applicable to all those that require us to cross borders involving the use of a passport which is that we need to bring something back. This is not only to do with being a company of our relatively small-size compared to those that we have somehow become comparable to (we can’t “justify the jolly” like we used to when somebody else used to pay for this shit; and so the terminology has evolved in 2015 to “justifying the spend”, even if someone else is paying our way), but also a degree of indebtedness to our hosts that for some reason thought it was spending the odd 1000 euros on carting our ass there and back. Turns out we got far more than we were expecting, and so in contrast we have unexpectedly returned with a greater sense of indebtedness than when we originally set off. Life, etc. Rising alternative hip-hop all-star Noah Kin is certainly enhancing ours at this precise moment in time, and indeed we appear to have not been able to shut up about him or talk about much else in regards to the trip since returning. Count your blessings that we haven’t encountered you in the last 24 hours, lest you fall victim to our excessive Britishness in relation to this guy. And what a guy he is. We were taken from a venue called Klubi by a booking agent called Feniks Willamo, who we now realise may well have the coolest fucking name of all time, as well as several others to another venue a good 3-minute Uber ride away to a venue whose name we have completely forgotten because in between these two instances someone offered us a joint. And, we guess, we must have smoked it. This inevitably set the tone for a fantastic show from Noah Kin who, despite his team’s concerns that the venue he was performing was noticeably further out from the hub of the conference action than they would have liked, was playing to one of the most wired-in and densely-packed audience that we saw for the whole bloody thing. The entertainment value of seeing one of the strongest MC’s we’ve seen for a bit coupled with a live band was met with delivery of songs that are undeniably a result of several years of honing one’s songwriting craft. There’s hints of A$AP Rocky (notwithstanding a rather personalised take on Wild For The Night in the performance itself) and Bishop Nehru – however in several tracks, we could have been mistaken for thinking we were watching a grime show with immediate references to Stormzy coming to mind. We’re not sure at this point which tracks those were, but we will fucking find them. Mark our words. Mark ’em real good. We’re somewhat buggered to hear that Noah Kin has in fact touched down to the UK several times before, which in our mind is one of the most criminal underplays that we’re likely to see this year. We have a very strong feeling that we’re going to remember him this time around.

Noah Kin – Do That


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