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These Your Children

To say that we feel like we have friends in all the right places lately would be a bit of an understatement. On Sunday we ended up at our parent’s house – the fifth day on the trot of rinsing our latest personal-aging accolade, or at least we felt like we were completely taking the piss at this point (to be fair, we had little to no gifts beyond a token few offerings of medium-to-medium/high expensive levels of booze) – and we were talking to our old man as he cradled our then-less-than-one-week-old niece in his arms. Among various declarations of how many neurons a newborn baby has, and therefore the idea that they sleep most of the time is entirely deceptive given that they are using these formative months to, quite literally to a certain extent, absorb their immediate environment (this is why you don’t fucking swear in front of kids), Father Killing Moon then went on to remark with much aplomb about how his immediate family has exponentially doubled from the original 5 to the current compliment of 10. Notwithstanding our incessant need to constantly play devil’s advocate with our father in pretty much anything and everything he says (do girlfriends count as family members? Apparently, according to daddy, they don’t have a choice), we couldn’t help but marvel at how fucking lucky the guy was at that precise moment in time, and were further pleased at the sheer enjoyment that he seems to derive from it. Like he knows that he will live forever. So we guess it is rather convenient, as with everything we do, to post a track from a band called These Your Children following the recollection of such an emo story as it sounds more adhesive to our situation and now sounds less like some getting pissed off at a parent for a bunch of kids playing up. Anyway, These Your Children are from Nottingham. They are a duo. One times boy, and another times girl. The dichotomy within the contruct of the band does not seem to end there and indeed permeates into the fabric of their musical compositions (we’re feeling very wordy today, clearly). We find ourselves torn between describing them as a singer-songwriter duo; or an indie-pop duo. Perhaps both; perhaps neither. Either way, they are getting the hyphenated genre treatment. In this rather helpful press release, These Your Children prefer to describe themselves as storytelling music. While that may be true, we ain’t buying it or using it due to lack of hyphen reasoning. Fires is in fact the title track of a forthcoming four-track EP and they’ve buddied up with those better-than-us-bastards Mahogany for a special one-off show at St. Pancras Old Church show on 25th November. Presumably to get all eerie and ethereal, that kind of shit. Harking back to our dichotomy issues above, we suppose that is the ideal setting for them to purvey their Lauren Aquilina vs Kyko vibe. Or if Daughter intermingled with Jack + ElizaIt sounds something like that, doesn’t it?

These Your Children – Fires

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