The end is nigh. Of this cold, we mean. Although we are sure that you lot enjoy regular updates as to how snot-bound and bunged-up we are, we’re sorry to report that we have nailed this fucker right in the nutsack and it is currently retreating back to the pit of hell from whence it first came. It. Shall. Not. Pass. We are further pleased to report that we have an actual weekend that does not (a) involve traversing long distances to remote locations far beyond the circular entrenchments of the M25, or (b) having to get up super early, nor retire super late. This is good news. Fucking great news. We shall sit; occasionally pick up our new niece then hand back to her rightful parents whilst simultaneously and psychologically convince our 2-year-old niece that we’re not ignoring her for the new one; get round to finally building that bastard wardrobe from Ikea that has been festering in our bedroom for quite some time (as some context, we’ve still yet to build a coffee table that we bought three years ago and has traveled with us to no fewer than three flats ever since in it’s packaged form); and it is highly likely that we will go see CHIMES play a headline show at the Tooting Tram & Social on Saturday night. We’ve never actually been before. To be fair, we doubt CHIMES have. Further to that, we don’t think current Track Of The Day’ers Emmecosta who will support CHIMES tomorrow at the aforementioned have been to Tooting before either, let alone it’s Tram and/or Social. So let’s find out a bit about them, shall we? We encountered Emmecosta when our CHIMES co-manager and general smartarse Jules forwarded an email from Camp Emmecosta about a week or so ago. Ironically, we have only listened to them now when PR Alex got in touch. Good one, us. The good news is that Emmecosta are cool-looking dudes, and make cool-sounding music. Ice-cool. Bloody freezing. All the salt in the world could not melt the icy constituents that comprise the overall coolness exuded from this lot. Further cool-points are awarded by virtue of being from Göteborg in Sweden, which sounds like it gets kinda cool there especially in these autumnal/wintering kinda months. We mean, the song is called Snowboy, for fuck’s sake. Disseminating the music further only reveals undertones of those that would reinforce this sentiment. We’re getting Khushi somehow clashing with Lapsley, particularly after the latter started hanging out with our boy and CHIMES 50%’er Draper. There’s also a whiffy of Malpas‘ illustrious take on soundscaping, the morbidness of Worship and Parla, as well as The XX. Or Jamie XX. Something to do with the suffix XX. Suffixxx. Jeah. Have a good weekend. Come to the fucking show.

Emmecosta – Snowboy


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