“Make A Man”


Our second niece was born this afternoon. At 3.25pm precisely, in fact. We’re pretty sure we could find out the even-more-finessed start time for the as-of-yet unnamed new relative of ours, but that might be overdoing it, given that we’re seriously succumbing to whatever minging cold that one of you mingers has minged unto us. Ming. Maybe that could be her name? The Merciless [cold virus]. We’ve been re-watching Marco Polo  lately you see – the super rebooted Netflix version, not the weird ye olde version that we used to watch with our father in a very myriad way back in the the olden days. Indeed, at these sort of instances, we greatly enjoy remembering where we were and what we were doing during these landmark events that take place. Our first niece Grace – or Princess Jasmine as some in our inner social circle refer to her as, given that she is so subjectively and objectively beautiful (for reals, modelling agents keep trying to tap her up) – literally popped into the world whilst we were smoking a joint in a tent at Latitude two years ago (we know this because she is two years old). This time around, we were writing and formatting a Malpas press release and blowing our nose in our office. Our sincerest congratulations to our big(gest) brother and his wife, who are already excellent parents and no doubt will keep this up during the second proverbial round. Somewhat ironically, it seems appropriate to anoint a song called Make A Man as our current Track Of The Day, given that the next generation of our-lot seem to be of the fairer sex. The male gene that we were assured, given the overwhelming amount of boys our clan traditionally seems to breed (brown ones too, but even that trend seems to have been bucked), to be of the dominant disposition seems to be taking a much-needed break and therefore now is the time of girls. Which is doubly-convenient, given that our current purveyors of our Track Of The Day Estrons are indeed fronted by a lady, who at one point was, we arrogantly assume, a girl in order to achieve the aforementioned ladydom. Turning our attentions more towards what we’re actually supposed to be turning them to, Estrons have been pleasantly plodding along with a handful of single releases alluding to what we’re dealing with right now: a chunk of powered-up indie rock, without being too shy on the more shreddy-chords and a healthy dollop of a pounding rhythm section that drives you upon a wave of fuckyeah-glory right from start-ish to finish. The Cardiff outfit, who have a thing for aliens given that’s what their name is and also having a previous record release of the precise same name which we have somewhat usefully whacked below so as to save you the Google, done-got themselves spun by Huw Stephens on Radio 1 at the start of this month, serving as a suitable introduction for Make A Man. Influence-wise, we’re hearing something spicy and cumulative of certain aspects of The Noisettes, Vukovi, Republica and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. So that’s it. Get into it. Think of the baby. There is no chance in hell this kid is going to grow up with shit music taste.

Estrons – Make A Man


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