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“Feel Like It”


This week has been duly dubbed “plan the shit out of everything week”. It largely involves possessing a linger feeling of such mong and zonk spilling over from a weekend where we drank way more than we were ever planning to that we can do very little beyond the physical realms of basically sitting around and thinking about things. In regards to the cause, this was due to a combination of our brother’s girlfriend’s birthday party being in a such a relatively remote location (given that we usually spend any time off that we’re lucky to get these days in the Brewdogs conveniently situated next door to the office, and even that usually turns out to be a work thing) that we ended up staying way longer than originally intended, and on Saturday….well…it was the rugby, innit? Our other-brother sorted us out with hospitality didn’t he? We haven’t drank that much lager since we pretty much discovered several years ago that lager is in fact a bit shit compared to ale several years ago which roughly coincided with the emergence of our facial hair that most people concerned (fuck knows why they are) seem to now believe we were literally born with (we weren’t. That’s impossible). In regards to the symptom, we’ve spent a great deal of time just driving around everywhere – picking people and IKEA things up mainly, but yesterday did involve a road trip to Brighton (work, of course) which initially was quite nice given that it was very warm/sunny/free from arguing with Ben about anything (in fact we agreed on several things), but then only served to remind us why we should only get the fucking train to Brighton because it takes ages to drop everybody off on the way back. Because of all of that, we are sadly a little late in the day in posting up this massive new effort from Kent-based Skies. Hopefully not too late. Is it ever too late in blog-world? The slightly-hilarious thing is that when we started this blog many moons (wheeeeeeey) ago, we were managing a guy from Brighton who produced several house remixes under the pseudonym Skies. It could not have been more than 2ish years ago that we started getting those weird Bandsintown notification that Skies were/was playing some shows in our locality. “The fuck?”, we thought. Turns out its a good name, and our guy isn’t really doing much in the vein of house remixes any more (and isn’t really our guy, in fact), so that’s all we got to say about that- Anyway. These guys called Skies. Or, rather, a boy/girl electro-pop duo that our mate Tom at The Hyve is repping and duly sent us current Track Of The Day Feel Like It some months back when we were hatching some kinda plans including the roll out of several new recordings from the duo inclusive of this one which involved Mallory Knox guy Oz Craggs on the production line along the way. Somewhere on the in-between, a label called Lab Records got involved and are fixed to put out an EP from which Feel Like It is lifted on 27th November. We liked it so much that we invited the guys in to play one of our takeovers at Club NME in November supporting previous Track Of The Day people Baby In Vain. That’s fucking nice of us, isn’t it? On the serious, we are very much looking forward to that in order to witness this whole poised-to-strike-at-Radio 1 glory, in the same way as say Coasts and Pixel Fix currently are we guess, in the live context.

Skies – Feel Like It

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