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Premiere: A Billion Lions
“Devil’s Dance”

A Billion Lions

Got the proverbial fuzz going on today. Mentally speaking, of course. We haven’t got in trouble with the po-po (yet) and we haven’t developed a feralness (moreso than we already have) overnight. We managed to spend a good few hours catching up with our (and yours, coincidentally) chum and tallest man that you ever did see Ally McCrae last night. Things got deep. People got deleted off Facebook. Spur of the moment shit like that. It was mental. We then spent the subsequent few hours dwindling around with the presumably-young-and-from-London at a CAA-created/curated event, funnily enough called Young London at an apparently new member’s club in Central London called Tape Club, or something like that; awaiting a much-coveted slot that never happened. Why did it not happen? Because (a) whoever was hogging the decks continued to do so long beyond their alloted DJing time-slot thingy, (b) Bradlee was presumably giving it all the master of ceremonies in a fundraising raffle and therefore inevitably distracted from far more important pursuits such as kicking certain hogs off certain decks, and finally (c) we couldn’t really be fucked given that one of us had just returned from a fortnight-long bender (apparently this is called networking) in Canada, and as a result it was way past our collective bedtime anyway. Yeah, DJ etiquette is a weird one. In fact we’ve seen Ally have to deal with it several times, with situations ranging from people barging their way in to people ripping out cables that look quite important – and that’s when the big friendly giant turns into your worst fucking nightmare. Anyway, the event was very nice and everyone was dancing, so who are we really to fuck with that? The subject of dancing leads us nicely on to our current Track Of The Day’er A Billion Lions, who we have the pleasure of premiering the rather-spaced out video for latest offering Devil’s Dance. By the time our mate Kelly – a delightful chap from ‘Toon, now resident down the durrrrrty South and purveyor of much good shit via the wonderful End Of The Trail label – got around to slinging this over to us, we had somewhat assumed that A Billion Lions were the latest budding indie-pop band vying for BBC-at-the-festivals coverage glory. Whilst the latter may well be true, the former certainly ain’t. These guys clearly like their metal. The big hairy metal sort of metal. Think about what would have happened back in the day if Iron Maiden had their way with Slade or something. Pretty spicy thoughts there huh. However, here you have something way more modernised and alluding to at least a similar aesthetic to the likes of The Blood Brothers, God Damn and Pulled Apart By Horses. However, the music is so much more than the sum of the anointed collective parts we have just cited. Which probably explains why we haven’t been able to stop listening to it for most of today. We simply must catch them on 13th November when they come a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ into town, specifically at the Amersham Arms.


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