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Soul Campbell
“Be Grateful”

Soul Campbell

We saw a video thingy on College Humour this morning – or rather, we wandered into our brother’s flat adjacent to our new stomping ground in Hendon, who also just so happens to be our neighbour and watching the aforementioned clip, which is quite frankly brilliant seeing as we don’t know the area at all beyond it having Brent Cross about 5 seconds away along with the M1 gateway into London – that made a rather tongue-in-cheek video about one’s transition into their 30’s. Probably the most relevant for us (aside from the usual digs of basically getting old, grey, and fatter) is our diminishing ability to deal with hangovers. We already struggled with that shit, as has been well-documented on this-here blog. Quite frankly it was a miracle that we were even in the office yesterday. So thank you, AIM Awards, for successfully getting us drunk and apologies to most if not all people that we spoke to that evening, as we can imagine with each drink we mounted our moral high horse that much higher with all the associated moans and groans that we probably had alluding to “what is the point of basically anything”. It’s true; we get deep. Getting deep in a similar but yet quite distinct manner is this out-of-nowhere effort from a duo professionally known as Soul Campbell – and with a name like that, we would like to make great emphasis on the word “professional”. A good pun ain’t easy in this game, and it is even harder to avoid the gimmicky tag usually bestowed on such attemptees in case their music is actually quite shit. Fortunately that isn’t the case here at all. Soul Campbell, at least in their email form appear to be one person called Mich, and another called Tim. In their pictorial and/or video form, they might be from Brighton, but given their chosen imagery they seem to enjoy dalliances with 90’s home video-style shot/iPhone app-rendered coverage of skater dudes in, dunno, let’s say New York or LA or something suitably bloggy like that. The music itself, although seemingly deliberately geared towards buzz words like minimalist and lo-fi and shit like that, gives a flavour of a band that has (wait for it, another buzz word coming at yaaaaaa) potential. Potential in the sense that were they enabled to do the shit that they clearly wanna do, then they would probably do that quite well. And right now, that thing they wanna do sounds in line with the sort of thing that previous Track Of The Day’ers Night Flowers (the PR machine is kicking in with that lot, huh), Laurel and Pawws do on the reg. Much diggety. There is apparently an EP coming called Fear Is For Jerks which presumably features the hauntingly pop-centric Be Grateful.

Soul Campbell – Be Grateful


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