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New Portals

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking how’s it going? Good weekend? Bit wet innit. We (collectively, for once) did quite a lot, which is an achievement in itself given that we in fact set out to do very little. It happens, occasionally. We surpassed our own sloth-like tendencies; a sentence which we feel our present/longtime homebrew Tim H-B will no doubt find hilarious given that he likes to call us things like that on a regular basis. The unfortunate reality is that Tim’s ability to call us “funny” words like that is about to diminish rather significantly, given that we are about to move into a one bedroom flat with The Finn. It really is exciting, albeit anxiety-inducing for the so-called obvious reasons, further fulled by the idea that we’re on a limited timeframe to get a whole shitload of things done in a relatively short space of time. We are hoping that this is indeed the last time for a while that we have to do this, given that we not only have found the person that we’d quite like to spend most of our time with, but also moving three times in as-many years is a fucking pain in the dick. On that note, here’s current Track Of The Day Do It Right – possibly an indication to ourselves to actually focus on the various trials and tribulations that are incurred in moving one’s ass from one area of London to yet another, rather than giving it the “it’ll probably be fine” schwag all the time – from what appears to be one of them-there boy/girl duos called New Portals. We don’t know where they’re from. They don’t appear to have said anywhere, and by that we mean at least three at-a-glance social networking sites that we’ve had our way with in the last 10 minutes or so. At an educated guess, the vocalist sounds either Nordic or Irish (dunno the correlation there, but work with us here. It is Monday after all) given the very light twinge in her voice. Y’know, a bit like Robyn or Suvi. That sort of thing. We’re saying Irish because we saw a review from the Irish Times somewhere. Good one, Sherlock. She could be both, y’know? Any which way, this approach to the vocal gives the rather floaty-electronic musical backdrop the perfect accompaniment to become a formidable pop song, whilst simultaneously giving New Portals a clear platform and space to do that whole “development” thing that everyone in the British music industry seems fucking obsessed by these days. We mean, we are, so we’ll just assume everyone else is too. The music specifically causes us to to daydream of Solange somehow going back in time and laying it on pretty thick as far as the Drive movie soundtrack is concerned. We’re feeling this.

New Portals – Do It Right


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