We took an element of critique on our, well, critique of the work of others today. The fucking nerve, right? The people in question openly blasted those in pursuit of journalistic endeavours alluding to music (so basically reviews and shit like that, not dissimilar to the one that we are writing right this minute), specifically those that dare to use comparisons in the “sounds-like” context and going on to describe them as lazy. One of these people was Ben. We’re not fucking having that from Ben, of all people. Anyway, several sarcastic verging on the passive-aggressive exchanges later, we have successfully established that we’re only allowed to be criticised by those who spend a great deal of their spare time chatting at least as much shash as we do. Ben has also been collectively demoted to a Stage 1 music elitist from a Stage 5, which is the equivalent of plummeting from Mount Olympus in terms of audio snobbiness to, basically, shite. Anyway, furthering our crappy music journalism are a relatively random submission we got through the info email address (we guess people have clocked on to how we haven’t checked our dropbox for ages. Allow us, we’re still playing catch-up from our holibob) from a duo professionally known as Rive. We say duo because there are apparently two of them – one from Wales (Ceri) and another one from Switzerland (Natascha) – and we say professionally because current Track Of The Day Sleepless has been written, performed, produced and packaged in both audio and visual form to such a hard standard that it would be a disservice to describe Rive as anything but. They seem to have had a busy summer already, with shows at The Roundhouse, Glastonbury Festival and Camp Bestival under their belt. Presumably more will be on the way. We could go on about how we’ve formed an abrupt emotional investment into Sleepless due to how we’re sleeping terribly at the moment owing to consuming an outrageous amount of Pez that we brought back from Finland (with a Frozen-themed dispenser we might add, but we didn’t use it that much last night because it takes ages to load) last night just before going to bed, but then the aforementioned might use this against us in the future. Instead, we shall do our usual thing of drumming up some contemporary comparisons to give people who are less flowery in their dissemination of the subjectivity of musical interpretation an idea of what the fuck we’re on about. Say Lou Lou. Casket Girls. Tegan & Sara. There’s some talk about Broods in the press release too, which we can get behind. Also we’re reminded a bit of Cyndi Lauper‘s True Colours. Take that, Benjamin. We’re very glad indeed that Rive got in touch.

Rive – Sleepless


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