We’re in a right pickle today, motivationally-speaking. Well, alright that’s not really fair. Our motivation is just fine. We mean, fuck, we’re here aren’t we? So we simply must be motivated to do stuff. It’s more that our motivation is having a problem connecting with our body in terms of physically manifesting itself. We are very much in the same metaphorical place as we used to find ourselves when revising (or, rather, thinking about revising) for academic exams. Your A-Levels, etc (and well done to those who got their results last week. It’s fucking weird innit). We knew what we had to do. Everything work-wise is laid out in front of us. We’re ready. We’re set. But, for some reason, we don’t go. Instead right now, on our first proper-day-back-at-the-grind following our magical trip to Funland Finland, we’re richly enjoying taking the piss out of things and giggling/talking to ourselves for the duration. Like Ben, for example, who having just found out that he is due to sit on an international panel in Canada this September to discuss all his knowledge on the subject of streaming music has provided us with much fuel for our abuse-tank. Other things also providing us with light amusement include deciding on how to pronounce the name of current Track Of The Day’ers Haux. It’s probably pronounced “hoe”, which due to inherent immaturity issues within our person made us tither much as we did when Berkeley Edwards first lobbied us to blog about these guys a week-and-a-bit ago. Someone also suggested “hoax” just now, which of course is just plain fucking stupid. Upon investigating in the social networking context as to what we were otherwise being pressured into writing about, we were somewhat amazed to see that we had probably stumbled upon Haux prior to just now, as evidenced by the all-telling “liked” button at the top of their Facebook profile. The only problem there is that we don’t remember coming across these guys – or guy, as we now understand – ever before. That doesn’t seem to have deterred them – or him, rather – one bit as a sizable chunk of the online community have already taken to Caves in a big way. Aesthetically and sonically suited to this thoroughly underwhelming mid-August afternoon (seriously, Sun, sort yourself out), we’re getting frost-bitten lyricism and vocal delivery akin to Bon Iver and Daughter, delivered in a production style that reminds us of recent Killing Moon compilationers Boy Scout and Huntar. So credibility mixed with commerical appeal in an emotive backdrop. Whatta combination. We dig; now you must.

Haux – Caves


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