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Premiere: Liu Bei
“Mind Over Matter”

Liu Bei

We guess we weren’t supposed to tell people that we’re back in London ahead of the all-telling Out Of Office-stipulated return date (and of course we appreciate the inherent irony of committing such a statement to writing, as if we don’t want certain people to know this). We all know what this means, those in similar positions and/or mindsets – you’re not “at work”, but you certainly don’t seem to need to be at work in order to do some. Or a lot. Technically we are still on holiday, and truth be told our return is mainly due to the latest Killing Moon takeover of that wonderful venue that is Koko for Club NME this evening/tomorrow morning (everything depends on how you look at it, y’see). Remi Miles. Neon Wolf. And Draper. Oooooooooh Draper. Its his birthday, y’know. Took quite some convincing that DJing on his birthday was definitely a good idea. The money helps, we suppose. Then there’s Hevy Festival tomorrow, whereby we simply have to go and see Thrice because we’re still not over the fact that we skipped them at Reading Festival (sheeeeeeit, that’s coming up soon huh) that one time, back in the days when we weren’t really being ourselves. Anyway, the point is, we’re fucking back. Alrighty then. Wasting no time at all to ease us back into the grind, albeit in the best way possible, are London duo Liu Bei for whom we have the pleasure of premiering Mind Over Matter – taken from the soon-to-be-released AA side single (other as-yet-not-heard track Phillip Seymour Hoffman completing the aforementioned) on 25th September via new tastemaker label upstarts Famous Friends. Former intern Chris Chadwick, aka Chadders, aka Chadball, pka Stephen Budd’s sidekick slung this over, and that’s presumably because (a) Chris rolls deep with Famous Friends and (b) Chris is just one of the coolest guys we know, in every sense of the word, and as consequence we are likely to be into whatever he slings forth. Unless its totally shit. Which this isn’t. Far from it. Indeed, we recognise at least one of the main protagonists present in the Liu Bei make-up being one Richard Walters; a producery-songwriter who we have firm history with in form of his other project Parla who featured on New Moons Volume II. According to this press release, Liu Bei was born out of a growing obsession with bands like Purity RingYouth Lagoon and other far-out shit in an attempt to work out their own place in this wild world. We feel that. That is deep. Musically we’re also going to chuck in further elements of and comparisons to things like New Order, Thom Yorke, Keaton Henson and our own peoples Malpas. Anyway, this is all very cool and a big step up following their debut single release about this time last year, which dropped to much aplomb from the likes of Line Of Best Fit and NME and people way more important than we are. Get real familiar with this, and then get yourselves down to their launch show on 1st October at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen.

Liu Bei – Mind Over Matter

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