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The Entrepreneurs
“Brutal Summer”/”It Strikes Again, Love”

The Entrepreneurs

So. More tube strikes. That’s nice isn’t it. We’re a bit curious as to why this hasn’t received seemingly the same amount of pre-strike hype as the other-recent one did. Is it a strike about the same thing? Does it matter? Are they deliberately doing this on the same night as our monthly installment of the King’s Sessions? Damn good thing its near an overground station huh. So if you’re planning on bottying out; bloody don’t. We wanna see ya. Get to know ya. Another set of people that we wouldn’t mind at all getting to know a bit better are these guys The Entrepreneurs – who within their current double-whammy Track Of The Day have one named It Strikes Again, Love which probably makes this the most-topical blog post we have ever done. Yay. They are from Copenhagen. A&R Rhi found them. It seems that she has a flair and/or penchant for bands from that broad neck of the proverbial woods. Nothing wrong with that; if they sound as great as these guys do perhaps we’ll just exclusively concentrate on sourcing new artists from thereabouts. We’re almost certain that we have seen the name Entrepreneurs bounded about before. Something to do with an artist called Foe. We vaguely remember Annabel Jones (previously known to us as Bluebell) mentioning them a bunch of times. Might be the same guys; might not be. Dunno. All we know right now is that we’re dealing with a double dosing of what Rhi describes as “a noisy homage to the complicated existence of love”. Bloody hell Rhi, you get proper-deep sometimes. Almost as deep as we do. Music-wise, we’re getting a distinct cross-breed of something that involves Manic Street Preachers on one side, and the scuzzy noise-punkiness of Japandroids on the other. Also the frontman has got this whole Babylon Zoo-meets-King Adora aesthetic going on. Which only makes us like them even more.

The Entrepreneurs – It Strikes Again, Love


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