Premiere: PILLARS
“You Got This”


It is borderline criminal to be this exhausted at the start of the working week. Who knew that Kendal Calling would be so fucking faraway? Everybody we’ve spoken to today, it turns out. Thanks a lot guys. Thanks a lot for your information. The useful application of this knowledge and the timing of it’s delivery to us is on a par with certain girlfriends chiming in at how it is a shame they weren’t driving the 400-odd miles to/from the location – which, funnily enough, isn’t really in Kendal at all, much to our surprise when we attempted to execute our cab back-and-forth-to-the-hotel plan at which time we discovered its some 30 miles away from where we were staying – given that they were relatively fresh compared to our comparative being-knackered. Anyway, CHIMES and Remi Miles brought the sunshine and did bloody great, and it was a nice festival with some delightful people in attendance, so there you go. That being said, we are very grateful indeed that it is this day that we get to premiere the new one from previous Track Of The Day’er PILLARS as we can’t really handle anything that sits out of the soothing remit. Soothe-core. Gentle-step. Jests aside, we might as well start creating a new genre to accommodate the wider description of what is becoming a trademark sound for the London new-ish-comer. According to this wonderful press release Kristina has slung over, the words “minimalist”, “pop”, “sophisticated” and the like seem to crop up a fair bit, and we can’t really disagree with those in the present context. Kristina’s phone number also appears on the press release and we are real tempted to share that with the world, but we can’t imagine she’d be terribly happy about that. You Got This – a track name in itself denoting a modicum of confidence in one’s own ability to deliver in terms of songwriting – reflects a significant step up in production value via a pairing with also-previous Track Of The Day’ers Deafkid, with additional recording and mixing duties undertaken by Florence & The Machine guy Brett Shaw, who can also reference the likes of Daughter and Say Lou Lou as previous clients who in themselves are not worlds apart from what we’re dealing with here as far as PILLARS is concerned. We’ve also been asked to share the video for quite-recent effort Woman Without Her Love in all its contemporary/interpretive dance performance glory, which we have, and also to share that PILLARS will be appearing live at the King’s Sessions on Wednesday this week, which is also apparently in our interests to do seeing as we promote those shows. So, like, there.

PILLARS – You Got This


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