Premiere: JaJa OK
“Give Me Your Money”


We’re premiering the utter shit out of everything right now, huh? It’s a “look” thing, we suppose. Makes us look way more popular than we try to make out that we are. Anyway, what’s going on? Chicken? Yeeeeeeah we saw to that last night, so you don’t even have to worry about it. You ever tried to nail a kilo’s worth of chicken wings in one sitting (plus chips, obviously)? Let us tell ya, its intense. Leaves you looking and sounding quite a bit like this guy until the morning after (sorry Iida). We still haven’t had lunch yet, but that’s mainly because we’ve been digesting this month’s accounts which leaves a weirdly full feeling inside of us throughout. Or, perhaps its still the chicken in situ. Dunno. Anyway. Premieres. We’re not entirely sure if this is one, but having done a quick internet-via-social media rummage it seems like no-one else has propped this up yet, so there you go. If we’re mistaken, please blame Oliver Knowles of Fierce Panda. We partied pretty hard with Mr Knowles last year at Reading. He’s a nice guy. And now, it seems, he is repping these guys called JaJa OK via the Fierce Panda singles club. Y’know how we usually sound as if we don’t really know what is going at all? Well, what we do know is that current Track Of The Day and brand-new effort Give Me Your Money – perhaps fated that we would be dealing with accounts payable today – is being released via the aforementioned on 21st August and is produced to such a standard that it could signify the start of a proverbial breakthrough that the band clearly deserve. Think of a classic scuzzy guitar sound encapsulating some of the best bits of Weezer, Pavement and The Cribs, but mixed to a point that it just sounds undeniably fucking wicked. Apparently there’s a video of these guys messing around Parliament that’s due for imminent surfacing, so let us all keep an eye out for that in due course.

Jaja OK – Give Me Your Money

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